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Horoscope for the Week of June 11, 2012

Judy garland mercury in canceerIf you feel a tug on your heartstrings this week, it will most certainly be caused by Mercury which plucks into mushy romantic Cancer. Everything you can conjure is illuminated! So feel your oats, take charge, take action and just take, take, take.

(Judy Garland had Mercury in Cancer)

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Don’t be content to let others set the pace in love and call the shots. (As if you ever do...) You are now set on a collision course where you must take the wheel and drive. And you can avoid the pitfalls. The trick is to listen carefully and survey the landscape before you take any action. Preparation is pivotal, Aries, as is a discerning eye. Heck, make it two eyes.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
You have quite a few strong opinions that may not be ready for a prime time audience. Can you patiently hold them in and let them germinate? Forgetaboutit, Taurus. Now you simply cannot contain yourself. Throw your heart to the wild wind, give your thoughts room to roam and see how your ideas generate action. Just be sure to hire a personal censor....

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Geminis will contemplate their bottom line this week. Money becomes the be all end all as you plot the most profitable course of action. Much time and energy will be spent on maximizing your profits. But in the end can it really buy happiness, Gemini? Well if not, it can certainly buy extravagant comforts and fair weather party hearty comrades. Oh let it rain!

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
You personal star begins to glitter and glow this week. Pack the sunglasses! This is no time to sit in the background and blend in with the wallpaper. Get out there and mingle, Cancer. You have a good window of opportunity to expand your social circle with some interesting new faces. Who knows where your assorted amours are hiding? You soon will know....

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Do you feel particularly intuitive? Well you should. Leos break through the fog and see a bit into the future. Secrets are revealed, conspiratorial plans are uncovered and hidden enemies and their machinations are overcome. So listen for the rustling underpinnings, let your heart speak to you and go with your gut. Agh! Who can concentrate with all this noise??

Friends will lead you into all sorts of mischief, if you are lucky. Virgos can fill up their dance cards with some familiar friendly faces. Is there a gem in the trash? Who knows where it can lead? Dance the night away this week. Just don’t stay home and watch paint dry. Create plenty of memories with a certain someone who can help you paint the town.

Libras are infused with a certain spark. Every move you make and even every fleeting whim is inspired and calculated to succeed. Certain powerful folks sit up and take notice. You may be poised for greatness and not even know it. Will you capitalize on this internal fire or just be content to toast your chestnuts for a while? Hey, whatever turns you on.

It is difficult to sit home and contemplate your navel. There are too many exciting things waiting for you beyond your front door. Expand your horizons, learn a few new tricks and be open to exotic strangers. Scorpios need to get out and about to explore a few new watering holes. Who knows where love may hide? You may be surprised at how wet you get.

At heart you are a bit shy in love but there will be none of that this week. Your love life is whipped up to a peak. There is something electric and sexy about you now that attracts many admirers. Sagittarians are ready for action! Choose the best of the seven deadly sins (lust and gluttony?) and take them to the extreme. Just forget sloth!

Turn all your attention to partners in particular and relationships in general this week. What is and is not working? What else can you do to increase the excitement? Do something extravagant and bold to shake things up. Those single Capricorns who are fishing for a catch can locate the best pond now. And yet the quality of your catch will all depend on your bait.

Work becomes more exciting than usual. You can find ways to  increase your productivity. This is an excellent time to get some long standing projects off your desk. Oh goody.... But before you feel like a rat on an ever speeding treadmill, channel some of that energy into productive, toning exercise. You can attract more diners with buff icing than with plain pound loaf.

Pisces are ready and raring to play this week. You will have a choice of fun venues where you can let loose and dissipate. You can also channel this energy into an artistic course of action and get involved with something earth shaking. Unravel a puzzle, encounter a secret admirer or create a mystery yourself. Inspiration strikes! Or something like that.