Lucky Numbers for the Week of June 22, 2012
Jupiter in Gemini by Jenni Stone

Horoscope for the Week of June 25, 2012

Harrison-ford-1The Sun makes its move into Cancer this week and opposes retrograde Pluto. If you’re contemplating revolution, gather in all of the sweaty masses and inflame their passions with your best rhetoric. Be prepared to be carried away on a raft of supporters. How athletic are they?

(Harrison Ford has Sun in Cancer)

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A new broom sweeps clean when fastidious Aries wield their mighty mean sticks. You’re finally ready to address much needed changes around the house. Foundations shimmy and shake and may need to be re-evaluated or dismantled. Remodel, move or just survey the landscape with fresh eyes. Sooner than you think, the dust will settle and you’ll enjoy some fresh air.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
How diplomatic can you this week? Not much. Taureans may prefer to push things in a very specific direction rather than trying to find a happy compromise. That works for me!  Challenge the status quo as you pretend to listen to both sides of the argument. Problems won’t go away unless you tackle nitty gritty details. Pack a magnifying glass.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
That which you hold near and dear may not be all that desirable this week. All that glitters is not gold and the fun (and status) that you thought all these silly dust collectors would bring doesn’t measure up to expectations. Geminis need to reassess their expensive pastimes. (And that goes for people too.) You do more with less and you won’t miss the clutter and mess.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
You catapult into the center of attention this week. Cancers cannot contain themselves and burst on the social scene with wild abandon. There are times when you think you are pushing the envelope. And if that is true then keep on pushing! One day soon you will penetrate the social zeitgeist. Ah, but will they give you cabfare in the morning? Who cares!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Empty out your Pandoras Box of secrets. It may be summer but this is a good spring cleaning in store. We carry around all sorts of negativity and can continue to beat ourselves silly under the yoke of hidden oppressions. Had enough? This is a cosmic “Stop” sign this week, Leo. Make a sharp turn and become “Slippery When Wet” rather than a “Big Dip”.

Don’t let friends take you to where you don’t want to go. Virgos are tempted to follow the “collective think” because they are so keen to make new powerful friendships. Why be molded by the group and pay for the privilege? Avoid the urge to buy acceptability. True friends, if they are worth their salt, will love you for who you are; warts, farts and all.

Some Libras know exactly where they’re going in life, but  some (too many) can’t quite make up their minds. Events this week agitate your career. It can mean that professional success is at hand or it can mean a detour and a much needed change in direction. The important thing is to use your strengths to best advantage, devious though they may be....

Lovers who are close at hand soon becomes underfoot and Scorpios may begin to yearn for more breathing space. Blame it on  unbridled passions when you get to thinking about all sorts of faraway adventures and international mischief. There are a few lessons to be learned on that long and winding road. Maybe it’s time to sneak off to a much needed recharging vacation alone.

How ready are you for prime time, Sagittarius? This week you are peeled like an onion; each hidden layer of your life, loves and dreams are exposed to all who grab a peek. There is nothing to fear if your inner soul and outer face are harmoniously in sync. If not, rest assured that change is a’coming so hang on, hang tight and hang out. Pack the sun screen for the spotlight glare!

Just when you thought you had found the perfect dance partner, the fates change the tempo. Sharpen your pencils; The test for true compatibility is on! Capricorns can reassess what works and doesn’t work and use this time as a prelude for future happiness. Hopefully it’s a trip to the moon on gossamer wings, but it’s better to know now if it’s just one of those crazy old things.

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to tie up all those loose ends into a nice neat package. Aquarians should accept the fact that this is one of those times. Your daily work load is pitted against your fun personal plans.  How to choose? It’s hard to play the social powerbroker when bosses expect to see you hum as a worker drone.  Don’t toss your invites yet. This too shall pass.

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Let me know after  this week is over. Pisces know how to party but they can now overextend. It will be hard to choose from a delicious and diverse array of jollies. Be a little picky and choose only the best venues to display your considerable talents. Why lose the wind in your sail so early in the cruise season?