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The uneXplained

I am setting my DVR for this show.

BIO Channel continues to explore the supernatural world with a new original series,The uneXplained from executive producer Doug Liman (The Bourne Trilogy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith).

The series, debuting August 4 with double episodes at 10p and 1030p, takes a look at extraordinary real-life cases and individuals who turn to the supernatural world for help when traditional methods have failed to find a resolution. Air Extreme is producing the series for BIO.

Horoscope for the Month of August 2012 and Week of July 30, 2012

Ludwig van beethovenLet’s take a look at August this week as life heats up to a rapid boil. Retrograde Pluto squares retrograde Uranus through the month. Change comes at the most surprising times and from the most surprising places. Hang ten and surf the tumult. Is is true that surfers rule? You better believe it!

(Ludwig van Beethoven had Pluto in Capricorn)

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Your career goes into overdrive as the people you meet unexpectedly  push you into the center stage. Are you ready for your close-up or trying to bide your time in the background to plan your big move? There is no chance of hiding, Aries. You are not only front and center but showcased. So do what you will and see how the chips fall. Hopefully into place.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Don’t even think of trying to hide any great secrets from the world, Taurus. There is no chance of a quiet introspection now. Everything you fear and try to hide could be splashed into the center of the zeitgeist and digested with today's news cycle. So show confidence, swim with the sharks, play with the biggies and pretend to be fearless and open. It is your only chance.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Friends create complications for you especially as they seem to maneuver into the middle of one of your great love affairs. Chalk it up to the planets this month and try to keep platonic and passionate relationships completely separate, if possible. If that is impossible, at least try to maintain a good sense of humor and let things roll off your back. Keep trying, Gemini....

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Your best social maneuvering could swerve off course if you don’t pay close attention to the details, Cancer. Even then, there are some surprising developments that can change relationship dynamics. Partnerships could be in for a transformation or an upheaval. When in doubt, slowly back away and see if you can hide in your shell until things calm down.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
While you might think that August is a grand time to get away from it all, it may not actually work out as you planned. Leos are in for an unusual series of surprises while away from home. Maybe the answer to your need for escape is to find relaxation closer to your base. How about cooling your heels poolside or with a crowd of pals at the local watering hole?

Romantic Virgos certainly have the oomph but may miss the intended target of their ardor this month. And the reactions from would-be lovers is priceless ... at least to them! You have so much love to give. Be sure that your feelings are recognized, reciprocated and treasured. Wearing your heart on your sleeve just increases your drycleaning costs.

Certain relationships are undergoing a transformation and these changes can upend your home life. Whether that means you will be moving in, moving out or moving around is up to you. But as circumstances change you will be required to make a decision.  Libras prefer the diplomatic route. Go with the flow if possible but be prepared to paddle and steer.

Busy work and nit picky related tasks are piling up and can eventually bury you if you don’t get it under control early in the month. Scorpios are often good at barking orders but no one hears you now. Handle it all as best as you can and feel confident that no one can do it as well as you. Yes, keep telling yourself that as you clear away papers on yet another weekend.

Fun has a way of getting totally out of hand. Maybe that is a good thing but for those who want to know ahead of time how much to stock the bar, I suggest some realistic planning and budgeting for any festive event. Sagittarians can also feed their inner artist with creative projects and inspirational company. Nude body painting anyone....?

Capricorns know how to get ahead. And this month you have a surprising helping hand. You have a relative who is prepared to introduce you to some very important people. Be open to the possibilities and keep the familial lines of communication active. How about a couple of backyard get-togethers to pave the way? You could even have it on the front lawn.

You might blurt out a closely guarded secret by mistake this August. So watch what you say, how you say it and when you say it, Aquarius. Your words can pack a punch anyway you slice it. If you are interested in making a strong impression, you definitely will. Channel this energy into something charitable and worthy of your efforts to appease the fates.

Anything that you plan to do with friends, no matter how simple, can wind up costing you much more than you anticipate. While it is hard for Pisces to stick within a strict budget, at least keep a close eye on your bottom line now. This is also not a great time to invest. How your cash close and wait until the fall before you move it around. Let others treat you.

Lucky Numbers for the Week of July 27, 2012

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune ... or fortunes. So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos. Then I mixed the tarot cards and allowed the spirits to guide me to the cards that represent the lucky numbers for this week. Nothing is guaranteed but who knows ....?

I choose eight numbers because 8 is the number of wealth.

Here are the lucky numbers for the week of July 27-August 2, 2012:

15, 26, 31, 38, 49, 50, 67, 69, 70


There are many ways to delve into your own consciousness to find luck and intuition. Try reading Dream Power/Improve Your Luck (Super Strength Series) and see if your dreams give you any clues and premonitions. Here's a guide to the best books available this month

Jewish Superstitions

Jewish superstitionsEvery religion .. and even the non religious among us ... can believe in superstitions. I have found a fascinating article on Jewish Superstitions on the internet and was interested in exploring Jewish Magic and Superstition in more depth. So here is A Brief Look at Some Popular Jewish Superstitions By Christine Green

Superstitions, whether you believe in them unequivocally, regard them as a collection of unfounded ideologies or perhaps waiver on the periphery of indecision, historical data confirms that they have been in existence for centuries, many inherited from distant ancestors, their logic often lost in the passing of time.

Delve through the history books and you will find a varied selection of famous people with their own superstitions: Samuel Johnson, English author was said never to enter a house with his left foot first because he contended it 'brought down evil on the inmates'; Sir Winston Churchill was notorious for petting black cats in the belief it would bring good fortune and even members of the Royal Family are known to be superstitious on certain issues.

Superstitions have formed part of our lives for centuries and depicted in many dictionaries as - 'a way of being in control of a situation', 'an irrational fear without little if any substance'. Psychologists who have undertaken studies into the role of superstitions, have defined them as 'often a means of pacifying what could well prove to be an anxious occasion for an individual, empowering them with a greater sense of confidence in their ability'.

Yet we all have our thoughts and ideas about them but according to the words found in a 13th century German-Jewish treatise entitled The Book of the Pious, Sefer Hasidim wrote: One should not believe in superstitions, but it is best to be heedful of them' wise words indeed.

Generally most superstitions are found to be prevalent in moments of worry, or anxiety those occasions in life when human beings may call on a helping hand to guide them, consequently some have rational explanations whilst others are clearly inherent of some deeper personal significance.

In the Jewish religion superstitions are plentiful, referred to as bubbe meises, and on reflection in today's highly educated world some may yield a smidgen of a smile, take for example the belief that if you sew a button on shirt then a piece of yarn must be put into their mouth to keep it mobile because the only time one is supposed to sew on a person is on a shroud; another equally entertaining superstition relates to the normal bodily function of sneezing, it seems that if anyone should sneeze whilst telling a story that would indicate they were speaking the truth, (so what if they didn't sneeze and were still being honest!) – proof that some superstitions are so outlandish to be perceived as believable!

But many strong beliefs did and still do exist amongst the Jewish community, none more so than those in relation to the Evil Eye which in different sectors of the community represent different things. Many Rabbis have their own concepts of the Evil Eye; some Talmudic rabbis conceded it as, a certain individual who could, at a mere glance, turn mankind into a heap of bones. In broad terms the Evil Eye is frightening and something which most Jews live in awe of with parents of newborn babies going to great lengths to protect their child. Hence the practice of tying a red ribbon or string to an infant's crib or in some instances their underwear to ensure safekeeping from bad vibes.

Historians have documented that red was the chosen color simply because it was used when creating the original Temple, the red thread derived from a certain species of worm and it was Rabbi S R Hirsch who pointed out that although the worm may be the lowest form of creation without its thread the Temple would never have been built. And so whenever mankind looks at the red ribbon, he is reminded that a person is really as humble as a worm, this humbleness being ultimately the main weapon against the 'evil eye'.

Although there are countless superstitions relating to the evil eye they are all as significant as the other: reciting 'kein ayin hora' which roughly translated means 'may the evil eye stay away'; spitting three times on one's finger tips and each time make a quick movement with one's hand in the air: many believe it is bad luck to boast or brag of one's success or good fortune as such behaviour may incite the evil eye and some people go to extreme methods such as eating large amounts of garlic to ward off the evil spirits; for the sick and dying it was thought by changing the name of the departed would deceive the Angel of Death; and for a newborn, if that child is named after a person who also died many of the elderly Jews said it must also be given a name after someone who lived long.

Along with superstitious beliefs many Jews carry their own good luck charms as extra protection from evil sprits: one of which is a Hamsa, in the guise of a hand shaped amulet with the palm facing outwards and the fingers spread open. This amulet can often be seen on bracelets or other items of jewellery and is popular adornment draped from car rear-view mirrors ensuring that good fortune will follow those within the car. Some amulets even have verses contained therein, a common one taken from (Psalm 121:6) which reads: The sun shall not smite thee by day, neither the moon by night'.

Moving on to a subject closer to all of our hearts is that of food and within the Jewish religion boundless superstitions can be located, some based on past heresies; some inherited from the church whilst others have been found hidden in the diaries and written accounts belonging to local families. Eating garlic to ward off bad spirits is a common superstition, but even good spirits would want to keep their distance from an overabundance of that such a highly charged food; and one should never eat from a piece of bread over which you have recited a berakah unless it has been halved; for the childless couple should the woman find an egg with a double yolk then eating it will reward her with many healthy offspring. And an empty oven will yield an empty larder, one reason why it was important that a stove never be left empty or an oven door open, the premise that in doing so will deprive the household of having anything to cook when needed thus, in order to override this belief people would always leave a piece of wood in an empty stove.


Although there are superstitions appertaining to all sectors of life there are none more so than those relating to the dying and those who have died; many believe that the deceased hear and know everything that is being said about them until the final spade of earth is thrown over; and a common precept in Russia amongst the Jewish community is that if one is sick then his female relatives should go to the graves of some religious men, measure the graves and the distances between them with wicks; candles should then be made of the length of these wicks and then presented to the synagogue or bet ha-midrash.

Shackled within the world of superstitions there is a rich assortment conformed to by the unification of husband and wife many of which have their seeds planted in the Jewish religion and which form part of their culture. One in particular states that if a groom should break a glass at the conclusion of his ceremony then not only does he cast away the demons but also awakens himself to the reality that married life, as well as it being romantic demands a certain amount of commitment and responsibility which could well turn out to be a frightening thought for the new groom.

But beware, should the bride returning from the huppah, take the groom's hand first superstition denotes she will dominate over the home although should he take her hand first then he will be in control. And to complicate matters even further should the groom step on the bride's foot when both are under the huppah it is a clear indication he will rule her, the opposite applies if she should perchance step on his foot. For the couple who want soon to be blessed with offspring some Russian Jews live by the concept that in order for a bride to be gifted with children she must carry an egg in her bosom whilst going to the huppah and in the orient the bride who steps over a fish roe will give birth of many healthy babies.

And finally, some of the superstitions that have been handed down throughout the generations; it is purported as being bad luck to come across an empty bucket on first going out, but lucky to pass a full one: itching feet, could well be an indication that you will soon be visiting some unknown place: a man's home is his castle and this applies equally to Jewish people whom many believe is bad luck to build a house where no one has built before, if you do then it would be wise to get someone to live in it for one year, the premise being that the first tenant in a newly constructed house is likely to become poor. Furthermore there is extra thought that neither door nor window should be totally closed but left open a small but for the demons; still within the home never throw sweepings out of the room at night for it is said to be bad luck.

Although these are a mere random selection of the many superstitions connected with the Jewish community they are by no means alone and it must be borne in mind that some are general and have been inherited from ancestors. But whether you believe in them or not the world of superstition allows us all to take a fascinating look into the historical archives and see what life was really like.

















Horoscope for the Week of July 23, 2012

MadonnaThere must be something in the water .. or is it in the stars? Despite all obstacles, you suddenly feel like the world is your stage where you must make your mark. The Sun enters Leo and compels you showcase your best talents and prepare for the stardom. Go for it.

(Madonna has Sun in Leo)

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Find ways to enliven an otherwise mundane week with sparks of creativity, luck and romance. This doesn’t mean that you should sit at home and wait for the party to come to you, Aries. It means that you have to apply a little perspiration to get your inspiration. Continue to prioritize and don’t waste this energy imagining what could be. It is time to just be, be, be.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
As much as you would prefer to relax and chill out, family concerns move to the top of your agenda. Why not build bridges while you feel so beneficent and forgiving? But draw the line at acquiescence, Taurus. As kind as you feel, don’t orbit around the pull of others’ values. The idea to is have them gravitate towards you, enter your atmosphere and breathe your air.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Is it really true that money buys happiness? It all depends upon what makes you truly happy. Geminis feel betwixt and between. Should they do this or do that? Should they go here or go there? And they talk and talk about it. Thankfully a sudden windfall makes you put your money where your mouth is. Look at those green teeth! Now make your best profitable move.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
If thoughts could move mountains, let’s watch as the earth shifts now. Cancers are pumped up with confidence and moxie. You just can’t quite put your finger on it but suddenly you know exactly what you need to do to secure your foundations and create a strong wall against the ebb tides. Don’t squander your resources on shifting sands. It just gets in your swimsuit.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
If you yearn for new beginnings and interesting encounters, you can take a leap of faith now. Leos feel like prime meat this time of year so why not trot it out while you sizzle and smoke. Show the world what you can do in your magnanimous way by getting in a crowd and pressing the flesh. (That means handshakes ....) Watch your step. Don’t trip on the curb.

It is often the unspoken, hidden thoughts that provide the powerful oomph for change. Virgos sometimes think that they can leave their fate to others. That is the temptation but don’t be tempted. You have to unload your trove of personal secrets on your own. And while you are carting out all that psychic debris, try filling your space back up with charitable actions..

It’s all well and good to feel part of a group, but now it is hard to just blend in with the crowd. Is the group tune hummable? You want to call the tune. So cart your carcass off to another choir. Libras have important opinions and sage advice to contribute to the group effort. There is nothing wrong with giving folks an honest earful of ‘em every so often.

Feel under appreciated? This week you find a welcomed friend of influence who boosts your stock from sell to buy. Scorpios want to have impact and recognition and there has not been enough of that lately. Now however, you feel the swell of appreciation from the most unlikely of sources. Bask in it while you can; the ungrateful bastards could forget by tomorrow.

Sagittarians hanker to create a sphere of influence. Good thing too; It’s time time to launch something new and different that charges your batteries. If purse strings are tight and time factors factor in, expand your horizons by sampling an array of new things; food, films and even folks closer to home. Do whatever. Just as long as you get out of your old moldy routine.

The week heats up your passion from a slow simmer to a steady boil. Capricorns can use their charms to generate heat. Waste no time, survey the vista, choose your prey and carefully go in for the kill. Who knows who you will ensnare? If that one is too small, throw it back and try again; you get a second chance now. Make your karma sutra less calma.

Aquarians ache to connect significantly with a significant other. Yet the communication static continues to remain on the line. Put a little spring in your step by maintaining your ribald sense of humor and playing hard to get. (The harder the better...) Interest in your assorted offerings will increase. Even though you are raring to go go go try for slow slow slow.

Pisces try to stay out of the fray but you can’t help but be pushed into an assembly line of routine. Still, mindless tasks have their pluses; you never have to take work home or worry about it over the weekend. Don’t fight it. Take advantage of the simplicity of your day and use this time to plot a corporate coup d’etat later while you oil all the cogs..

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