An Astrological Warning to Obama and Romney
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Astrologer Felissa Rose on Presidental Nomination During VOC Moons

Democrat vs republicanJust got a comment from Felissa Rose on my warning post to Obama and Romney about being nominated during the void of course moons.

As it turns out so far - last night Romney was nominated and accepted the nomination and the moon was NOT void. Good for him. Now let's wait and see about Obama next week.


Felissa wrote: "Keeping watch on this as well. In 2008 Obama made his official announcement that he was running while the Moon was void of course As far as I was aware of, he was the only candidate who won the election and even the nomination who did this. During void of course periods there can be breakthroughs, and this certainly applied with Obama being elected the first African American president. When Hillary Clinton got on the floor on the convention 4 years ago and called for nominating Obama by acclimation, a few hours before the Moon went void of course, it was as if the universe stepped in and knew he would win."

My response is that Debbie Kempton-Smith reports that it is the Void Moon during the nomination that impacts the success of the campaign. But it is very interesting that Obama's announcement came during the void for his first run for President.

Felissa's response to that was: "I think there's two parts to it. One is when the candidate crossing the threshold and gets enough votes to be offically nominated. The second is the the candidate officialy accepts the nomination. In 1980 JImmy Carter got the nomination while the Moon was not void of course, but he made his acceptance speech duirng a void period. Looks as if President Obama will both get the nomination void of course and accept during the void as well." 

She also said, "With that kind of timing I don't think there's any astrologers around. But going to keep an eye on it and hope for the best."


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