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Predicting the 2012 Presidential Election - Obama Biden Composite Chart

Obama and biden Obama and bidenI have an excellent track record on predicting the past three presidential elections, having analyzed the horoscope results of the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Presidential races correctly. For the last election in 2008, I wrote a series of posts examing all types of astrology charts on the subject from individual birth charts to composites to election day horoscopes and void of course moon analysis.

Now as I turn my attention to the 2012 race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I will base my prediction on the composite charts of each ticket - the strength of the team efforts of Obama / Biden versus Romney / Ryan.

Composite charts are great ways to ascertain the dynamics of the full ticket and to see if one of the team members helps or hurts the effort. I found this method to be very valuable in predicting the failure of the John McCain / Sarah Palin ticket in 2008. Palin's horoscope hurt McCain's astrology chart and so, as a team, it became weaker and ultimately lost the election for the Republicans that year.

Let's look at the Obama / Biden chart now to see what makes them tick as a team and see how we can ascertain their chance of success. This post will be followed up with an analysis of the Romney / Ryan composite chart in a couple of days, and then a comparison of both charts with a full prediction of the election a coupleof days after that. So stay tuned.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden Composite Chart

The last time I looked at the Obama / Biden composite chart was in 2008. I recently ran the composite chart using  Astrotheme .As I said in my previous analysis, the addition of Joe Biden's cahrt to Obama's strengthens the energies and improves the overall horoscope. There are still challenges but as a team, they are a good match. Here is my overall analysis:

Chart Shape, Energies and Quadrants

The Democratic team chart has a "see-saw" shape to it indicating an team that demands balance, reason and diplomacy.

Sociable Libra is at the Midheaven which presents a diplomatic and agreeable face to the world. There is a stellium (cluster within one chart house sector) of four planets (including the Sun - our mission in life) all in the 9th house of law, international affiars and justice making this sector a very important part of the purpose of this political ticket.

With a Cardinal sign (Capricorn) on the Ascendant, this is a team that knows how to create change. But  change can come at the expense of misjudging public repsonse on occasion. The 4th sector of the chart (houses 10, 11, 12 do not have any planets in them). This emply 4th quadrant is also evident in Sarah Palin's birth chart horocope. The empty 4th quadrant of this composite chart (which is "great causes") is an area that demands attention and effort. The Obama / Biden team needs to be very careful of hubris where they feel that all problems can be easily solved by just following the right movement, religion or beliefs. An awareness of suffering will inform their quest for office as a correcting measure that can bring them back to earth. They must learn to share with the community so all will benefit, not just a select few.

Planets in Houses

The Sun, our mission in life, is in the 9th house of international travel, law, justice and foreigners. This Democratic team is focusing (or prefers to focus) on that area. Mercury in that house indicates that they think and talk in a global, inclusive manner that can be inspirational (Neptune also in the 9th house) or deceptive or self deceptive. And Mars (how we fight, action and energy) is also in that house. Needless to say, this team can voice the aspirations of a diverse population, may be naive in some international arenas or may be clever in their handling of sensitive international issues. Remember - this was the team that was able to track down and assasinate Bin Ladin.

Interestingly three of those four 9th house stellium planets are in diplomatic and balanced Libra (Sun, Neptune and Mars) and Mercury is in practical get-things-done in detail Virgo. This is the iron fist in a velvet glove enabling deeper and more impactful actions because it is marketed attractively.

The 8th house of the chart (deep psychology, sex, death, taxes) has powerful and transformative Pluto in theatrical Leo in it as well as lovely charismatic Venus in practical Virgo. If anyone can use their charm to transform the tax code, abortion debate and issues involving seniors, it is this team.

Saturn the planet of challenges, learning from hard experience and problems is in pioneering Aries in the 3rd house of communication and community. This teams can build support from the ground up and has learned from experience what works and what doesn't work.

Surprising Uranus in sensitive Cancer in the 7th House of relationships could result in relationships that cause upsets or shocks. A beware signal... However, lucky Jupiter in Aries and emotional Moon in Taurus in the 4th house of legacy, family and security shows that no matter what happens in this election, their legacy will eventually be viewed positively.


In this composite chart there are certain aspects worth noting:

Mars conjunct Neptune conjunct MidHeaven in the 9th - International affairs and dealings with foreigners could be naive, deceptive or self deluding resulting in action that brings global attention to the administration.

Retro Jupiter in the 4th house opposite MidHeaven (security actions take center stage)

Retro Saturn in the 3rd house opposes the Sun (ongoing challenges in your lifes mission, but learning through hard knocks)and Mercury (the need to learn how to craft your message after many trying times).

Uranus in the 7th house opposite the Ascendant (Relationships or open enemies cause shocking changes to formative plans and first steps in any actions).

And the squares of Uranus square Mars (Shocks in relationships thwart actions), Moon square Pluto (Emotions can cause delays or unintended consequences for transformative change), Sun square Ascendant (first steps are important steps - know the right people to help you achieve your lifes goals).


Next post -- I will analyse the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Composite chart analysis. In the meantime, read some books associated with Barack Obama



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