Horoscope for the Week of August 27, 2012
An Astrological Warning to Obama and Romney

Predicting the 2012 Presidential Election - Romney Ryan Composite Chart

 Romney and ryan Romney and ryanComposite charts are great ways to ascertain the dynamics of a partnership whether it is a marriage or a business team such as the Republican or Democratic tickets running for the Presidency in 2012. It is possible to see if one of the team members helps or hurts the overall effort. I found this method to be very valuable in predicting the failure of the John McCain / Sarah Palin ticket in 2008. Palin's horoscope hurt McCain's astrology chart and so, as a team, the McCain / Palin ticket became weaker and ultimately lost the election for the Republicans that year.

I have an excellent track record on predicting the past three presidential elections, having analyzed the horoscope results of the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Presidential races correctly. For the last election in 2008, I wrote a series of posts examing all types of astrology charts on the subject from individual birth charts to composites to election day horoscopes and void of course moon analysis.

Now as I turn my attention to the 2012 race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I will base my prediction on the composite charts of each ticket - the strength of the team efforts of Obama / Biden (which was published a few days ago) versus Romney / Ryan.

Let's now look at the Romney / Ryan composite charts to see what the personality of the entire ticket is. A future post will compare the Republican and Democratic composite charts to predict the election winner.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Composite Chart

Chart Shape, Planets and Energies

The Republican composite chart has a Splash shape to it - the planets are located all through out the chart wheel in no particular pattern. this suggests a personality that is process oriented, self sufficient (or advocates self-sufficiency) and independent. They don't go with the flow. They ARE the flow.

With the mutable sign of Pisces on the Ascendant, they are adaptable to change and can process change well. But there are no cardinal signs in the entire horoscope so while they can maneuver through change, they do not necessarily initiate change. They are therefore more reactive than pro-active, as a team personality.

Interestingly, as with the Democratic team of Obama and Biden in the composite chart, there is a stellium (cluster of of planets) in the 9th house which indicates an importance to the international stage, the law and justice. But the three planets in this chart are Jupiter (luck and expansion), the Moon (emotions) and Neptune (inspiration, deception and self-deception) all in passionate, intense, secretive and strategic Scorpio. Will their emotions or their focus on emotional issues such as abortion help them? Are they being honest, inspirational and connecting? Or is it a ploy to achieve their strategic goal of election? Keep reading.

Venus (charisma) and Mercury (communication and thought processes) are both in Aquarius and, along with the Sun (mission in life) all in the 12th house of hidden things - things that we hide from ourselves (self-deception) and things that others (hidden enemies) hide from us. It is also the house of spirituality, religion and intuition.

It should be noted that the Sun is virtually in the first house of new beginnings - conjunct the Ascendant and square the MidHeaven which places a great deal of pressure on the ultimate goals of this alliance. According to wizzards.net the Sun square the MidHeaven has a preoccupation with appearances, reputation, and social standing may interfere with both the realization of your goals and your family life. A tendency toward superficiality and concern for social status can cost you in career and family goals.

This Sun position is a warning for this partnership to keep it real and have your priorities in the right order.

Aquarius and Leo are intercepted in this chart meaning that they act as hidden agents - Capricorn on the cusp of the 12th makes it appear that the Republican team is practical, careful and professional. But Aquarius intercepted in the 12th house makes their spiritual aspirations potentially iconoclastic, self-rightous and fixed. Cancer on the cusp of the 6th house gives the appearance of a gentle, sensitive and motherly approach to the job but Leo intercepted in that house indicates that the intent of the job at hand is to showcase the team in a theatrical and expansive manner. I don't think Leo intercepted here is a negative - In fact, I think it is a powerful attribute of any successful partnership.

Saturn in Gemini is in the 4th house of security and family. Family and security issues (especially in old age and with ancestors) could be a problematic area or could present a challenge to this team. But they can present their arguement in a compelling manner (Saturn trine Mercury) so this can be overcome.



It is in the aspects that this particular chart becomes very interesting and illuminating. The chart has many hard aspects and a few good ones. I think it is the hard aspects that really define a horoscope so will focus on those.

The chart has a T-Square -The Moon conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in the 9th square Venus and Mercury in the 12th and Uranus in Leo in the 6th all in fixed signs.T-Square show enormous energy and focus. They appear in charts of leaders and it gives them strength and wisdom. But with any T-square, it consists of hard aspects that can create challenges and problems. The problems may be unexpected and grandscale (Uranus in Leo in the 6th is part of the T-Square) and it may involved actions on new projects -like this election - (Aries on cusp of 3rd House opposite to top T-Square, ruled by Mars in the 1st house of new beginnings) because of unintended things said (Mercury in the 12th is part of the T-Square) that burst out in the global arena (Jupiter in the 9th is part of the T-Square).

Other aspects include - Pluto square MidHeaven (volcanic unexpected changes that impact their public face), Sun opposite Pluto (personal missions and life goals can be upended by powerful uncontrolable forces).


Next post - By examining the two composite charts - Obama and Biden versus Romney and Ryan, I will predict the winner of the 2012 Presidential election. In the meantime, read up on some of Mitt Romneys ideas and policies.


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