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According to Astrology, The Next US President Will Be ...

... Mitt Romney. And I will now tell you why.

For readers of this blog,  you know that I have been posting on the astrological  road to the White House - astrological indicators of who can win the 2012 presidential election - for a long, long time. I have examined the individual candidates horoscopes (Obama and Romney), the composite charts of the President / Vice President teams, comparisons of those charts and the timing of the nominations and acceptance of the nomination for Void of Course moons.

Mitt romney happyIn this final prediction post on the subject (without all the drama since I have already revealed who I think will win) I will briefly talk about transits to the composite charts (what will be going on in the sky that can impact the Democratic and Republican teams) and who successfully avoided the void  moons during their convention and who did not.


In looking at how the election day planets are situated in the sky when the polls close we can see how their positions impact the composite charts of the Democratic and Republican teams.

While I have stated before that I think the Obama / Biden team has a slightly better overall chart than the Romney / Ryan team, the planetary transits to each of those charts on election day gives a slight edge to the Republicans. Honestly, not enough for me to call the election for Romney but enough to say that according to the transits, Romney has a fighting chance and the election will be close.


Democratic Transits

The Democrats have some challenges to their chart on election day. For one thing, the position of Saturn (planet of problems, challenges and wisdom gained through hard knocks) will be hovering over their 10th house of career, public face and big aspirations on election day which can impact career plans. And transiting Saturn is opposing the natal Jupiter which is luck and expansion. So I see a snag in the road for Obama.I see transiting Pluto (upheaval, personal power, transformative change) over their 12th house of hidden enemies. And transiting Pluto is squaring natal Saturn and the Sun which are personal goals and missions in life. I see a powerful upheaval occuring in a surprising (and maybe sneaky) way that could upend things for the Democrats.

Now, all is not dire here - Lucky transiting Jupiter is making  agreat aspect to energetic Mars so the Democrats can make some impactful actions - but they have to see the challenges coming and I am not sure they will see all the challenges coming.


Republican Transits

In the Republican horoscope, transiting Saturn is hovering over the 9th house - international affairs, the law, higher learning. It is in those sectors that they may find problems. But Transiting Saturn is trining the natal Sun which is right on the Ascendant (new beginnings) and I see this as one of the powerful indicators of success. In addition, transiting Pluto in the 11th house of friends and social groups (as well as life missions) is making good aspects to natal Pluto in the 7th house of relationships, Neptune (imagination and inspiration) and the Moon (emotions). All in all much stronger positive transits.


The Void of Course Moons

To me, the nomination and acceptance of the nomination during the Void of Course moon is the clincher for me to call the election for the Republicans. Please read my post on the Void of Course Moon impact on a Presidential nomination.

Romney's nomination and official acceptance of the nomination avoided the VOC moon while President Obama was not only nominated but also accepted the nomination during the VOC moon. As I said in my prior post: 

Eminent astrologer Debbie Kempton Smith (author of the great astrology book Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You ) says that candidiates for president who are nominated or accept their nominations during the void of course moon, lose the election. She writes -

"In every presidential election from 1900 through 1972 one of the two major party candidates was nominated with the Moon Void of Course. Every one of the candidates nominated with the Moon Void of Course lost. Jimmy Carter's 1980 nomination came in a Void of Course Moon. John Kerry's 2004 nomination and Al Gore's 2000 nomination came in a Void of Course Moon."


So I am going to be one of the few astrologers who calls this election for Mitt Romney.But of course you should go out there and cast your vote. Prove me right ... or wrong!


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