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Horoscope for the Month of October 2012 and Week of October 1, 2012

Andrew jacksonPluto gets bumped and jostled by Venus, Mercury and Saturn all through October ... but in a very nice way. We feel our oats as well as the oats of others and can unleash our personal oomph to take us forward and up, up, up. Go for it, whatever “it” is.

(Andrew Jackson had Pluto in Capricorn)

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Months of hard work and suave political maneuverings around the office suddenly pay off with a bang. So big shot, where do you go from here? What do you do for an encore? Chart your course carefully all through October, Aries. There is the temptation to take detours and excursions but you can’t U-turn on the professional highway. And avoid rest stops.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
It is great time to expand your horizons, seek knowledge on arcane topics, test some legal waters and have some fun in the process. Don’t sit at home and wait for the inspiration to strike. There are places to go, people to meet, greet, sweep off their feet and worlds to change. Taureans feel that they are on a grandscale personal quest. And they would be right. .

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Sexy and flirty Geminis can turn their blah lair into a perfect rendezvous romp house. Heh heh. So check out your surroundings objectively. Efforts may involve a slight redecoration or a complete renovation with an eye towards comfort combined with a dash of uber-luxury. Weave your web and lure a few unsuspecting flies. Err is that flyboys or flygirls?

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
October focuses on one to one relationships which can be strengthened or severed, as you decide, with a few well chosen words. You seem to innately know who is worth the effort and who is not. And yet, if you are in any doubt, remember that sweet nothings can pay dividends with little risk or cost. So pile on the sugar and develop a cavity or two, Cancer.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Work hard to tie up any loose ends now. Monetary rewards are waiting to be reaped for a job well done... or even half baked. But you have to do it all yourself - don’t delegate and sit back, Leo, even if it seems tempting. The fates seem to know if you are the master of your fate or just a bystander and will reward accordingly. Hmmm.

Not only are you the toast of the town, you do it in style and with panache. Find ways to maneuver yourself into the epicenter of all the action and in the right crowds. It won’t be hard. Virgos are often content to toil helpfully in the background for scraps but now even a Cinderella gets to go to the ball. So get the ball (and bon temps) rolling.

Your family not only gives you monetary support (if needed) they also give you a psychic lift which is strengthening. In fact you have many adoring admirers and supporters right now working behind the scenes for you. Be cognizant of their influence and help. You will have the opportunity to offer some payback this winter. Or will you pay it forward instead?

Your words move mountains. So think carefully before you speak, craft your message with extra care and you can have friends eating out of your hand. (If that is really what you want.)  Scorpios can gab their way into any select powerful cadre and exert their special brand of influence on it. Is it time to run for political office? I say yes you can. But get going!

Ka ching! Your long term plans finally begin to gel and take off... and not just monetarily. Prepare for a power grab. There were those, possibly in a prior corporate life, who tried to suppress you and thwart your progress. Now you have the upper hand. Use it. They say that revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Aren’t we headed into the winter months soon...?

Prepare to meet a bevy of unusual of even exotic acquaintances  who manage to help you launch any personal project that has been cooking for a while on the backburner. The secret is a mix of different perspectives. Showcase your creativity and sociability by forming groups or committees that impact your surroundings. Today Main Street. Tomorrow the World, Capricorn!

A secret admirer may make themselves known to you. Be ready to be surprised and abashed, Aquarius. And they seem to arrive at just the right time and when they are needed. No matter how you might feel, listen carefully to their message and, if need be, pretend to be fascinated. You never know how much they can help you until you hear them out.

Friends and acquaintances can turn your life into a much more sensuous journey. Platonic pals can turn passionate if you allow yourself to be swept up in emotion. Of course, it can complicate certain relationships, Pisces. So think first and act second. Some friendships are best kept on a low flame to simmer. Others can be pot boilers that singe the palate..


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