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Horoscope for the Week of September 24, 2012

Sacha baron cohenOur flight of fancy takes off this week as the Sun enters charming and charismatic Libra. Will you soar like a phoenix to the highest heights or be content to cruise at a low altitude. Oh let’s just guess.

(Sacha Baron Cohen has Sun in Libra)

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Aries yearn for closer connections and can use this time to find the perfect mate. Anything (or anyone) is possible because you ooze charm. Current relationships are strengthened and new relationships forged. The secret to your success is to remain practical and seek balance. You attract admirers like flies. Maybe it’s because of all of that excess sugar...?

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Like it or not, expect to be spending more time around the office. Taureans prefer to loll around the water cooler but corporate fate has other plans for you. Tackle the most labor intensive projects possible and impress the big brass. You accomplish more than you thought possible, mostly in your reputation. Hmm. Will you take credit for someone elses work?

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Plan a range of fun and creative activities now that have a sense of purpose. Geminis sure know how to have a good time but now may have that nagging feeling that fun for pure fun sake is meaningless and decadent. There is a search for greater meaning.  Remember - Application with greater perspiration will ultimately lead to inspiration. Or something like that.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Cancers are apt to look at their various abodes and see the need for some form of improvement. It is never too late for a good end-of-summer cleaning. Or maybe a renovation, a complete change of scene? Wherever your muse takes you, follow along with trust. Create your own personal palace complete with champagne moat. Please don’t drink it all..

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
If you have a few opinions on a certain subject, you express them with greater conviction and power now. Collect your thoughts, solidify your actions, think practically and put your best ideas into the fore. Don’t hesitate or sit back and become a wallflower, Leos It is time to turn on your oily charm and grease the wheels of your own success. Slide on. 

Virgos love to splurge but often your degree of splurge is too elementary school. It is time to pull out your bathing suit and take the plunge. The fates bolster your bottom line and help keep an eye on your assets. Your financial patience and homework has paid off. Share your largess with close compadres. It is difficult to fully enjoy your wealth by yourself. Or is it.....?

This week offers you many great opportunities to prove yourself worthy of an A-list crowd. But is that all that life has to offer you right now? Heck no! Libras can launch into any orbit and be revered and worshiped. So don’t cool your jets at just any old empty airspace. Carefully choose the right planet for you and be the star you are.... or a comet!

All that is hidden becomes evident as a strobe light is turned on in all your dark corners. This is the time to unburden yourself from any excess baggage and release the restraints of your psychological chains. Doesn’t that feel better? Now follow your dreams, Scorpio and go with your intuition. You divine the most divine things including a certain crystal ball.

Compadres sure know how to party and manage to entice you into all sorts of wilde mischief. Good thing too, Sagittarius. Life was becoming too predictable and you were becoming too boring. Enjoy the week and don’t get bogged down in convention. There is a lot of energy making its way through your social life now. So get charged and light up the night!

You thought that nothing you did moved your corp-o-meter. All that hard work and politicking amounted to virtually nothing. But it is not true. The cosmos rewards all those Capricorns who really tried their personal best. Senior staff takes notice. The corner office beckons. Plot your revenge this week and make them bring you your coffee. One lump or two?

Aquarians get some very itchy feet this week. You simply cannot sit at home and wait for all the action to come to you. Venture forth and meet it head on. Try anything that expands your horizons and brings you into a wider circle of fun loving co-conspirators. The more the merrier! Use this time to get out from under...  unless you prefer it that way.

Don’t be surprised if you are treated as a sex object. Everyone wants a piece of you this week. Lucky thing. You possess that certain allure, that sizzle and that spark and attracts anyone who catches your eye. You become the toast of the town and score a few points ... among other things. Hey but watch where you point that thing, Pisces!


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