Horoscope for the Week of September 24, 2012
Lucky Numbers for the Week of September 28, 2012

Jenni Stone Predicts October

Here is the latest astrology forecast from Jenni Stone:



Change is easier when you are in good shape

Preview of the bigger picture – coming in October
Powerful forces are at work now and cosmic changes are lining up, ready to adjust our values. Starting October 2nd we see Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars make a move. Any one of these changes could change your viewpoint, but with five in one week, radical adjustments need to be made.
Financial markets may fluctuate wildly – leadership may change and we may see interesting political transformation.
Wrap up what is in progress and stay healthy. Change is easier when you are in good shape, financially and physically.
No need to panic, just ride the waves and stay steady. Don’t get into arguments that could end a friendship or an important business connection.
Changes will happen soon enough.


Astrology update for today

Thursday September 20 – void morning, then Moon in Sagittarius
VOID 9.11am – 12.34pm Eastern, 4.30am – 7.45 am Pacific.
Stick to routine during the void – if possible don’t begin a long journey. During the Void – Have a plan to get something accomplished - say less and do more.
Love yourself by creating a space in your home that will make you happy every time you walk in.
Throw out whatever is not useful in your refridgerator – clean it out - feel good.
If you are in a business meeting – don’t expect decisions to be made – and don’t put forward ideas and propositions as they are not likely to work out as planned.
You may feel uneasy – listing to intuition and figure out what is bothering you.
Try to be diplomatic - avoid conflict – you are not likely to solve anything during the void.
Write a to-do list for the next few days.
After the void: Moon in Sagittarius has a tendency to get carried away and blurt out what they see as The Truth – even if feelings get hurt and friends are upset. This may be the day when your self-discipline is tested – and instead of getting into negative frame of mind, look for humor and creativity to relieve tension.




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