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Predicting the 2012 Presidential Election - Who Will Win?

Democrat vs republicanOne of the most fascinating aspects of astrology is the ability to predict possible outcomes based on information found in the horoscope.

In the case of predicting events such as the outcome of a Presidential election, I have found it useful to look at each individual candidates (Obama and Romney) birth horoscope and also take a look at the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidate teams by combining their birth horoscopes into a composite chart - sort of a team chart. The "Democratic" and "Republican" composite charts are compared and can indicate the comparative strengths and weaknesses to predict a winner.

I have an excellent track record on predicting the past three presidential elections, having analyzed the horoscope results of the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Presidential races correctly. For the last election in 2008, I wrote a series of posts examing all types of astrology charts on the subject from individual birth charts to composites to election day horoscopes and void of course moon analysis. It was the use of composite charts that gave me the greatest insights.

For this 2012 Presidential election, I have examined the Obama / Biden and the Romney / Ryan composite charts. Now I will place them side by side and predict the winner of the election.

First let me point out that both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney horoscopes improve with the addition of Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, respectively on their tickets.

In comparing the Republican and Democratic composite charts, I am struck by the differences:

Chart Shape - The Democrat See Saw shape demands balance and reason. It implies to me a more open attitude to bi-partisianship. The Republican Splash shape is independent and self-sufficient indicating less interest in compromise.

Modes on the Angles - The Democrat chart has Cardinal energy on the Ascendant indicating a force to create change while the Republican chart has Mutable energy on the Ascendant and no Cardinal signs in the chart indicating the ability to go with change as it occurs but not to create change.

Gaps - The Democrat chart has an empty 4th quadrant indicating that there may be a mis-calculation and resulting hubris for any large scale movements or projects. They need to be more cognizant of the need for inclusiveness. The Republican chart lacks planets in the 2/5/8/11 houses indicating that they need to be more cognizant of the impact their actions have on peoples finances and deeply important life-changing issues. There is less empathy in this area.

Major Aspects - The Republican chart has a T-Square which gives it leadership qualities coupled with some big challenges. In addition the Sun is right on the Ascendant and is squaring the MidHeaven which can confound aspirations.The Democratic chart has the NorthNode (good luck) a postive aspect to the MidHeaven which shows success based on luck but Uranus squares Mars which can also indicate that actions have unexpected and shocking impact on relationships, energizing open enemies. Venus trines the Ascendant which highlights charm and charisma when they meet people. Also, lucky Jupiter makes a good aspect (trines) Pluto (our source of inner power) and North Node (good luck) lending a lucky and powerful beneficial force.

Taking my previous analyses of the Democratic and Republican composites and all of the above into account, I give the Obama / Biden team the edge in this election. They are not hampered by a T-Square as the Republican chart is and the Democratic chart has more empathy and charisma. They could win this 2012 Presidential election.

However the transits to these charts will help finalize my prediction on the winners.

Transits - In looking how the planetary configuration will look on Election Day, the generational planets - Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter - will be transiting and making aspects to each of these composite charts. Transits are great for timing and opportunities. A harsh aspect to a chart can derail even the most positive innate energies. A good transiting aspect to the chart can make a harsh horoscope strong and wise.

Next week I will have a post on the transits. Stay tuned.


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