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Surfer Bob Talks About the Impact of the Void of Course Moon on Politics

Democrat and republicanJust received this fascinating and information-packed comment from Bob Squalonero that I want to share with everyone. Let the discussion begin!!!

Hi Charlene, Surfer Bob, again

If the info I'm about to provide is correct, apparently the Moon VOC also affects the presidential election and the inauguration ceremony (NOTE: I'm recalling this info from an astrological publication I read more than 10 years ago).

Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated for his 4th term (1/20/1945)during a Moon VOC. He didn't get to really start his 4th term, because he died from a cerebral hemorrhage (stroke) on 4/12/1945, while vacationing in Warm Springs, GA. John F. Kennedy's 1/20/1961 inauguration occured during a Moon VOC. Unfortunately, his only term in office was cut short, when he was assassinated in Dallas, TX on 11/22/1963.

Then, there's Richard Nixon's 2nd presidential term, and it seems as if Nixon suffered an astrological "Triple Whammy". First, Nixon's nomination/acceptance during the 1972 Republican convention, occured during a Moon VOC (just like 2012, the '72 Republican convention was also in Florida). Second, the 1972 presidential election, also occured during a Moon VOC and of course, Nixon won. Finally, Nixon's 2nd inauguration of 1/20/1973, was during a Moon VOC. Sadly, because of Nixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal, loss of political support, and near certain impeachment due to the scandal, he resigned the presidency in disgrace on 8/9/1974 (aptly enough, on the 29th anniversary of the dropping the atom bomb on Nagasaki, Japan in 1945--Saturn return?).

Barak Obama was a victim of the Moon VOC during his presidential inauguration of 1/20/2009, but it seems that he dodged an astrological bullet. Yes, the Moon was VOC during Obama's inauguraion, however, because Chief Justice John Roberts incorrectly administered the presidential oath of office--and because Obama feared that the blunder could be used as a legal challenge to his presidency--Obama had Chief Justice Roberts re-administer the oath of office the next day (and this time the Moon was not VOC).

It looks like the Moon VOC can affect just about every aspect of a presidential campaign/election, and sometimes, depending on other astrological factors, one can get lucky despite it. Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if some of our worst presidents (as well as those who may have suffered life tragedies) may have completely avoided Moon VOC's during their time in office. Bottom line--especially with Mercury going retrograde on Election day this year--this election is going to be quite interesting. So in the words of the immortal actress Bette Davis, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride".


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