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Astrologer Felissa Rose on the November 2012 Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde2Astrologer Felissa Rose provides an excellent analysis on the MERCURY RETROGRADE of NOVEMBER 2012

For the final time in 2012 Mercury will go retrograde Tuesday, November 6 at 6:05 pm EDT at 4 degrees 14 minutes of Sagittarius. Mercury turns direct on Monday, November 26 at 5:49 pm EDT at 18 degrees 15 minutes of Scorpio.

The mythological messenger of the gods, Mercury rules most types of communications from letters to telephone calls. Along with the technological planet Uranus, it also governs e-mails, texts and social media. It also determines the way we speak, think, and process information. Wires and circuits, both in technology as well as in the body, are ruled by Mercury. Weaknesses in these areas occur more often during Mercury retrograde periods. Computers, phones, machinery, tools and instruments containing circuits, moving parts and/or wires can stop working properly or break down more frequently. Unless something needs to be replaced immediately, put off purchases of anything technological or mechanical until Mercury is no longer retrograde. If you must have an immediate replacement make sure to get an extended warranty.

Mercury rules contracts. If possible avoid signing anything, especially if it’s a long term commitment like a lease, mortgage or loan. Don’t take anything for granted as there’s likely to be something that was overlooked buried in the fine print. Negotiations can continue but try and finalize them after the retrograde.

This planet rules our thought processes and it will take more effort getting our message across. People born with Mercury retrograde tend to be more introspective, analytical and feel more comfortable listening than speaking. It’s a great time to polish the art of listening. Individuals born with Mercury retrograde tend to rehash things over and over. During Mercury retrograde periods there’s more difficulty making decisions for us all. If you have time look at the problem from all angles and take action after the retrograde.

Starting off in Sagittarius the sign of travel, try and finalize your travel plans before the retrograde. Mercury rules connections and if you don’t mind delays, travel for pleasure is ok. Sagittarius has a philosophical bent and turning towards an internal meaning of life and experience would resonate now. Scorpio likes to get under the surface and explore and Mercury retrograding from philosophical Sagittarius to truth seeker Scorpio, can be highly rewarding for those on an inner journey.

In the body, Mercury governs the nervous system including circuits and connections. With the slowdowns and delays accompanying Mercury retrograde, it’s easy to get frustrated and be on
edge. If possible try and do things at a slower pace; no matter how much it seems to need to get done, it eventually does. Mercury also rules the five senses so avoid having your eyes or ears examined and it would be a good idea to put off non-essential medical tests as well.

It’s interesting that Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day, as all the attention focused on this important election comes to a head. As mentioned Mercury rules circuits and it’s likely that voting machines can “break down or act strangely.” Neptune, planet of fogs and mists, is also stationary now going direct on November 11, increasing the likelihood that people won’t be entirely clear as to whom they are voting for. This will also add to the confusion of who actually won, not necessarily limited to the presidency but other down ballot races as well.

In 2013 Mercury will be retrograde February 23 to March 17, June 26 to July 20 and October 21 to November 10.


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