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Pearson archetypes Pearson archetypesYou know that astrology forms the basis of marketing and business when you see something like the Pearson Archetypal System which is used by marketers to help in branding. But a quick look at this "break through" system will begin to reveal something quite ancient and established -- the twelve archetypes in this system correspnd nicely to the 12 Astrological signs.

Their website tells of how Swiss psychologist Carl S. Jung's work on archetypes led Dr. Carol S. Pearson to conclude that these narratives formed the structure of the human psyche. Jung coined the term “archetype” to define the underlying psychological patterns that recur in these stories and are frequently found in the symbols, images, and themes of art, mythology, sacred texts, and popular entertainment.

Building on Jung’s work, Dr. Pearson has created a system for working with these archetypes that enables us to understand individual and group development and motivation. Her 12-archetype system includes the archetypes or storylines that her research found to be most correlated with success and fulfillment in contemporary society.

Of course Jung was a devotee of astrology and tarot. But they don't say that....

The 12 Pearson Archetypes, and the individual and organization best represented by these archetypes are as follows:

Archetype Individual Organization
Innocent Dolly Parton Disney
Everyperson Jimmy Carter Gap
Hero Lone Ranger Nike
Caregiver Mother Teresa Campbell’s Soup
Explorer Amelia Earhart Starbucks
Lover Rudolph Valentino Victoria's Secret
Revolutionary Che Guevara Apple
Creator Martha Stewart Crayola
Magician Martin Luther King Calgon
Ruler Alan Greenspan Microsoft
Sage Carl Jung Discovery
Jester Tina Fey Ben & Jerry’s

So here is how I matched them to the zodiac signs:

Innocent -- Pisces

EveryPerson -- Taurus

Hero --- Aries

Caregiver --- Virgo

Explorer -- Sagittarius

Lover -- Scorpio

Revolutionary --- Aquarius

Creator --- Cancer

Magician -- Libra

Ruler --- Leo

Sage -- Capricorn

Jester -- Gemini

If you have a hankering to learn more about these marketing prototypes, read Awakening the Heroes Within: Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World .

What do you think?


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