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Welcome Sun in Sagittarius

SagittariusThe Sun moves into the astrology sign of Sagittarius on November 22, 2012 and I can't help but think that the fiery mutable Sagittarian energy will help us move forward in anything we set our minds to do.

As my book HerScopes points out, Sagittarius is the sign of the Centaur, a mythological archer who is half human and half horse. While most mythological monsters were despicable characters, the Centaur is the only one with a few redeeming qualities. Centaurs were the only other worldly beings who were allowed to mix with humans despite the fact that they had a tendency to party too heartily and run amok. (Sound familiar, Sadge?) Typical scenario: While celebrating the marriage of Pirithous and Hippodamia, one of the centaurs had too much wine and, with jovial orgasmic enthusiasm, attempted to violate the bride. Several others joined in the orgy and a melee ensued resulting in a punishing chevel-burger barbeque. Enjoy your time in the sun Sagittarius but know when to set limits on your over-the-top behavior.

To learn more about Sagittarius, enjoy this 5 minute video overview:


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