Horoscope for the Week of December 24, 2012
Lucky Numbers for the Week of December 28, 2012

Jenni Stone's Void of Course Moon Calendar

Here is Jenni Stone's helpful January 2013 void of course moon calendar. Contact her at [email protected]


December calendar with voids & power days

Information about how to use voids in daily updates and on blog

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writers & business

WRITERS – Change is necessary for growth and the Winter Solstice may have precipitated adjustment. New ideas come now, along with the stability to bring creations into reality   
2013 will bring some good opportunities to expand the way you distribute your work.
End of July has day with brilliant aspects for starting a blog or website. 
Days before the Mercury Retrograde bring your work to the attention of editors and agents. (February 18-22). 
BUSINESS: If possible delay projects that bring financial advantage until the end of January

How to use Power Days

FIND YOUR POWER DAYS: mark the calendar for days when the Moon is in your Sun sign.
Use those days to start projects - which will usually complete within 28 days.
Meet new people who will be influential to your future.

If you have not yet received calendar as download, write to me
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December calendar with voids & power days
writers & business
How to use Power Days


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