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February and March 2013 Mercury Retrograde

Horoscope for Month of February 2013 and Week of January 28, 2013

Oprah winfreyLove is in the air! Collect your valentines from a range of shapes, sizes and colors. Jolly Jupiter in Gemini now redirects and casts a lucky and expansive light on everything we do. So what exactly will we do?

(Oprah Winfrey has Jupiter in Gemini)

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Aries not only have the gift of gab, they have the personal oil to set hearts on fire. Blend this combination of various charismas to meet your match. There is someone special  around every corner, it seems. But do you know exactly what and who you want? Indecision can lead you into wasteful temptations. Or maybe that is the plan...?

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Before you empty your wallet for just another pretty face, examine the merchandise and see if it fits in your wardrobe. Taureans are very generous and can even expand their fortunes now. But try to hold on to more of your gotten gains through research and careful investment. Party with the bulls and bears .. and try to stick them with the bill.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
This is your time to shine. Geminis don’t have any trouble meeting, greeting and streaking through some of the most exclusive gatherings. You capture hearts as well as minds and will be able to implement some long-delayed projects by persuading influentials to join in. Who knows where it will lead? They say it is an open field for the 2016 elections....

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Secret admirers make your love life more interesting (and complicated) than usual. Ready for a surprise? This week delivers it in dollops. So tune your radar and be sure that your valentines are carefully distributed only to worthy recipients. How will you know who is who and what is what? Use your intuition ... and deep dive google searches.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Friends provide happy and lucky opportunities for all Leos who expand their outreach. You can never have too many friends so make an effort to join more groups and organizations throughout the next few weeks. Then stir up the masses with exciting social events designed to bring like minds together. Of course variety is the spice of life. How spicy do you want it?

Virgos get some lucky professional breaks this week. And these opportunities can play out either in advancing your career or deepening your commitment to one particular mentor. The most important thing is to maximize your advantage while the cosmic energy flows. Strategize and make a move. You are no longer a pawn so go for a checkmate.

Love finds you anywhere you travel. Don’t sit at home waiting for a knock on the door. Find an excuse to take some time out to expand your horizons - whether than means across the world or across the street. Just think “new”. Expect more than your usual amount of adoration and flirtation from unexpected, unusual or foreign folks. And be a bit of that yourself, Libra.

The week brings many sensual valentines to your inbox. How will you handle the deluge? Be picky and discerning. Choose a few notable admirers from the pack and see if you can press the flesh in person. Passionate Scorpios will turn any quiet, boring encounter into a sizzly sensation. Or maybe that is because you are sitting on a radiator...?

Relationships heat up as the week becomes an opportune time to cement current partnerships. You are diplomatic and soothe any rough situation (unless partners like it rough..) For those seeking new connections, plug into the social circuit and see who you can shock. Before you know it there could be some new light shed on old issues. Let’s hope it is a rose colored  light.

Not only are you full of vim and vigor, you are ready to tackle any task no matter how large or small or detailed because the fates find ways to make any effort pay off in a big way. Good! Don’t let things pile up for tomorrow, Capricorn. The work that you can clear off your desk today will give you more time to relax later. If that is what you really want to do...

Fun is the most important thing to accomplish now, Aquarius. So let some of the more serious stuff stew on your back burner if possible. There is a world of wonder out there and it can take you to some of the most amazing experiences ever. Seek creative ways to inspire your life. Maybe that bathtub full of whipped cream is not such a bad idea.

After a winter full of activity, it will be nice to relax and cocoon in familiar surroundings. Push your domestic agenda this week and resolve to make your home as inviting as possible. Pisces can reduce their stress and increase their mellowness. Share your good vibes with evenings filled with friends and family. Maybe they will even help you clean up?


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