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Horoscope for the Week of February 11, 2013

Marilyn monroe 21Life becomes a series of potholes and bumps as Saturn retrogrades. Don’t even try to get things under control. No matter how hard you try to boss the course, you wind up pushed and prodded. I guess there are worse things that could happen...

(Marilyn Monroe had Saturn in Scorpio)

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Something sets your jets on fire and your lust is launched on a collision course. Before you explode on some distant arid shore, beached like a forsaken whale, check to see if your own actions led you astray. You are feisty, sexy and way out of control now. Aries may temporarily misplace their innate charm. That is fine as long as you don’t completely lose it.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Why is it that in your greatest moment of need, partners refuse to compromise? In fact they become stubborn and ornery. Take a reality check, Taurus. Maybe you are selfishly pressuring them too much. You turn the heat on in any relationship where you want what you want when and where you want it. Well you can’t always get what you want. ‘Nuf said.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Geminis find themselves fomenting a revolution at work. They are darn tired of pushing their tired nubby stub of a pencil with no chance of getting their due reward. In fact, they may even begin to think that they are losing ground while lesser mortals gain the higher ground. Will you run out of patience? You may want change now but it may come later.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Cancers are goaded into taking ill advised risks and crossing the line in the name of art, crazy romance and fantastic once in a lifetime adventure. Fun has a way of getting totally out of control. This will be a week to remember, even if it is recalled some time later with a need for a quiet place, an ice pack and an aspirin. Ah but what a way to go!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
This may be the week when you can no longer restrain yourself around the house. Leos are infused with over the top energy that demands immediate action. Could it involve relatives who have been getting under your skin? Perhaps. Could it entail an entire change of domestic scenery? Quite likely. Will you decorate, renovate or detonate? Kaboom, lion.

Most people think of you as quiet, restrained and often engagingly diplomatic. Oh do you have them fooled! Too many things have gone on without a word of protest whispered. That’s it. Virgos must now call it as they see it. Good. Things bubble and gush out to the surface. Try to think first before you speak. Oh what the heck. Make a mouthy mess.

Expect to jump in way over your head if you allow your greedy id to take over your better judgement now. Libras have an  acquisition itch. More is not enough and what you already have in hand looks a bit mangy. Of course that is not the reality but it is what you feel. Go with the economic flow and try to bank your stash before you waste it on pure ego.

Even quiet Scorpios seem to have a rocket launcher on their backs this week. You are revved up to be a social tornado. But before you skew your whirl and splat into the nearest wall, take a look at how you are perceived and what you really want out of every encounter. They say that sometimes demure and quiet gets all the rapt attention. And then again ....

Don’t jump to conclusions this week. Adding up all the clues will not add up after all. More likely than not, Sagittarians will get it all wrong and over-react to imagined slights. While I don’t expect you to roll over and be a doormat (unless that is your thing and then who am I to judge?), not everyone is out to get you right now.... except a certain you -know-who.

Capricorns are apt to over schedule their social calendar now. There are too many interesting opportunities and too many interesting pals available all at the same time. Be a bit choosy with your time and don’t over extend. Enjoy every moment and shine. Too too soon you slide into the B-list. But study harder and maybe you’ll wind up with at least a B+.

It may be said that this is the week to make your mark on the corporate hierarchy. It may also be said that this mark is indelible. That being said, don’t do anything that will create a smudge, rip, splat or smear. Do your best, go very slowly and check the landscape for just the right opportunity. Aquarians want attention now! Oh be careful of what you wish!

Pisces have itchy feet and need to explore new environs immediately! But you will find that things zig when you need to zag. No sooner do you set out on a certain course, bound for a delicious destination than you are pushed in the opposite, less desirable direction. Better keep an eye on your luggage and pack a map... or perhaps that sexy guide?


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