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Jenni Stone's Monthly Moon Voids and Power Days

This is just in from astrologer Jenni Stone - her very useful charts of monthly pwer days and moon voids. YOu can sign up for her email list at the bottom of this post.

March & April calendar with voids & power days

Now on-line. Print - though not so elegant as the old calendars - but you can access them any time on computer or phone. 

Link to calendars for March & April
How to find & use your personal power days

FIND YOUR POWER DAYS: mark the calendar for days when the Moon is in your Sun sign - so if you are a Leo, your power days are Monday and Tuesday.
Your power days ends when the Moon goes Void.
Use power days to start new projects and to meet people for the first time.
You are likely to appear to be confident and charismatic during these days (even though you may not feel any different) so this is great time for a job interview or to meet people who might be important to your future.
Projects started on a power day move forward quickly and easily complete within 28-29 day - by the next power day. 
If you are more advanced, you may want to try using the void time immediately following your power day to write a to-do intention list and to clear space.
Take baby steps. If you are new to this, start by using New Moon energy - (the two or three days following a New Moon), and gradually add your power days and other elements as the months go by.
Other days when you are powerful: when the Moon is in your Moon sign - when the Moon is in your rising sign - when the Moon is in your progressed Sun sign. 
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