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My Second Saturn Return So Far

HeadacheI am going through my second Saturn Return and if the second is anything like the first, I am girding myself for a rough three years.

So far I have caught a bad cold and an intestinal infection. Then I had migranes followed by a deep hand wound and then I hurt my instep. As I figured, Saturn in Capricorn is hovering over my sixth house of health and the day-to-day job. So it was also no surprise that I lost a bit of work income since my birthday as well.

But I feel grateful that I know what is happening... even expecting that it will happen. And this knowledge makes me stronger. Or at least less stressed about things.

I am anticipating more of the same over the next year, at least. In girding for it, I can do preventative and palative actions to make the stress and uncertainty a little more controlable. I have found these five steps are my best way to maneuver through the return. And they are probably not too bad to follow even if you are not going through any Saturn returns!


1. Keep things in perspective.

For the most part, we face challenges that are not dire or life threatening. And for those, we often rise to the challenge.


2. Learn from your past mistakes.

Believe it or not, you often know what is best for you and what crosses the line for you. It is in your gut.

3. Recognize opportunities when they present themselves - use your past experience as your guide.

Again, your inner knowledge and gut instincts are often the best.


4. Give back to the universe through good deeds and thoughts.

It is remarkable ot me how often a kind action results in the same back at you. Pay it forward.


5. Pace yourself - this doesn't (usually) last forever!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Ommm.....



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