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Felissa Rose Looks At the Summer Mercury Retrograde 2013

Mercury retrograde2Amazing astrologer Felissa Rose offers some fascinating insights into this summer's Mercury Retrograde.


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On Wednesday June 26, 2013 at 9:09 am EDT Mercury goes retrograde at 23 degrees 6 minutes of Cancer.  It goes direct in motion Saturday, July 20 at 2:23 pm EDT in 13 degrees 23 minutes of Cancer.


Mercury rules the way we pick up, process and share information.  Cancer is an emotional sign governed by sentiment and feeling.  This combination of thought and feeling is often expressed musically as many songwriters were born under the sign or have planets in Cancer.


Cancer rules home and family.  Taking place in most parts of the country during prime renovation and construction season, try and begin real estate projects  earlier or later as theres likely to be delays at best and major problems at worst.  Plan ahead and get all the materials to minimize complications.


In the body Cancer rules those things considered containers, the stomach, breasts, and eyeballs. Mercury rules information so If possible medical tests and surgery that aren’t necessitated by an emergency should be put off until the retrograde is over.  Mercury rules contracts so if possible avoid signing them during Mercury retrograde and if you have to sign, take nothing for granted and go over the contract very carefully.


When planets are retrograde the energies they represent are internalized, expressed by thinking before speaking.  Its time for Introspection, reflection, strategizing, and processing. Use this

time to observe the world around you, delving inwardly for a richer understanding of the

structures of your life and the people who inhabit it.


Mercury goes retrograde October 21, to November 10, 2013 and February 6 to February 28,