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How to Smell Wealthy Using Aromatherapy

MagnoliaThis might be good information for anyone trying to impress - whether in a singles bar, or in a business situation. Try a little aromatherapy to smell wealthy!

As it turns out, the magnolia tree smells like wealth. So spray a little magnolia scented essential oil on you and see what happens.

This bit of aromatherapy insight comes courtesy of Cool News and perfumer Frederic Malle who is a grandson of Serge Heftler-Louiche, founder of Parfums Christian Dior. In fact Frederic puts his concept into action with Jurassic Flower – a scent that smells like magnolia trees (or prosperity).

The scent was commissioned by the Mark Hotel in New York and permeates its corridors, kind of like "Glade air freshener for billionaires." While it may seem like an obvious idea, Frederic says "most hotels are not scented," although "some casinos" in Las Vegas are. It’s also possible to purchase a spray bottle of Jurassic Flower at his boutique for $150.

Should you visit Frederic’s boutique to get a whiff of wealth, you’ll be directed to a "smelling column … a transparent cylinder about 7 feet high … which circulates the fragrance." You access it through an opening in the cylinder. Frederic says he has "an educated nose," explaining that he approaches his craft like "an art historian." His "education, experience" and powers of deduction enable him to "recognize the component parts and know what to add or subtract to make something special."



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