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When Scorpios Meet

Scorpio1 Scorpio1David Dibble authors this guest column on Scorpio to Scorpio compatibility. What happens when two passionate (and jealous) Scorpios meet? 

Are Scorpio and Scorpio Compatible? This is a question that has been on the minds of many Scorpios who are in a relationship with another Scorpio. As in all relationships, the Scorpio Scorpio relationship has its own set of complexities, which can bring either deep connection or strife.

What we’ve found through what we call Inner Astrology is that Scorpio has some amazing attributes it can bring to the relationship. Here are a few of those findings:

In a Scorpio Scorpio relationship, expect to see these traits in both yourself and in your Scorpio partner:

  • Passion – Sex will be important and passionate. If presented with a sexual situation, the need for gratification can be quite strong.
  • Single Mindedness – Once Scorpio has something in its mind, it will tend to focus on that, making it more important than other things in life.
  • Intensity – Scorpio brings intensity to its important relationships.
  • Black and White – Scorpio tends to be black and white about things. No middle ground. It’s either one way or the other. This leads to being moralistic.
  • If a man, he will tend to feel women are always telling him what to do. Still, he will listen and try to serve a woman.
  • If a woman, she will tend to feel that she is always having to tell men what to do. Still, she is “there” for him in giving the guidance his is “asking” for.

As you can see, Scorpio brings a lot of passion and energy to the relationship. However, imagine what happens if two Scorpios bringing this much energy to the relationship. When problems come to the Scorpio Scorpio relationship, the sparks will fly! You can expect to see the following traits in a Scorpio Scorpio relationship in trouble:

  • Passion now becomes intense unhappiness and often a need to be right.
  • Single Mindedness often becomes a need to get back at the partner.
  • Intensity can become almost obsessive.
  • Black and White now relates to the perceived injustice done to Scorpio
  • If a man, the resolution never to do again what she tells him to do.
  • If a woman, the resolution to “let him do all the foolish things he wants.”

It’s apparent that a Scorpio Scorpio relationship in trouble is a very volatile mix. What do we do to enhance, deepen or heal this type of relationship gone bad? In a simple word—Balance!

Inner Astrology tells us the way to proactively work on Scorpio Scorpio compatibility through bringing balancing energy to the relationship. The balancing energy for Scorpio comes from Taurus energy. Taurus energy balance is best described as moving from normal Scorpio inner intensity to balancing with step-by-step actions in the outside world. Balancing, at first, is often uncomfortable for Scorpio. However, the gifts that accrue to the relationship through balancing are significant and well worth the practice.

When I personally stumbled across this amazing Inner Astrology that we now call CharacterTypes or CTypes, I was having problems in my marriage. As a Scorpio myself, I found I was doing too much of my normal Scorpio thinking and was extremely imbalanced in the way I was relating with my wife, Linda. I brought balance into the relationship by turning to my balancing energy, Taurus. Within less than a week we had recommitted to each other and were on our way to a now happy 42-year marriage. You can also do this using Inner Astrology and CTypes as your guide.

Tap into your Inner Astrology of your mind, the DNA of Scorpio with Scorpio relationships. Enhance, heal or deepen your relationship—Right Now!  Learn more about the Scorpio-Scorpio relationship and download your free Scorpio Relating With Scorpio Couples Guide now at www.NewDreamWork.com.

And get a sense of compatibility by sign for all signs.


About David Dibble: David’s pioneering work in the area of DreamWork, CharacterTypes (Inner Astrology), Conscious Systems, DreamWork Coaching and The Four Agreements at Work, are now being widely recognized. He has written four books including DreamWork Dream Interpretation, CharacterTypes–Models for Relating, The New Agreements in the Workplace, and The New Agreements in Healthcare. David is the winner of the prestigious “T” Award for Innovation in Coaching. He is the creator of ConsciousSystems for Coaches, for the first time bringing both systems and consciousness  to the coaching profession. David studied for eight years with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best selling The Four Agreements and is one of two people worldwide licensed to teach The Four Agreements at Work.


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