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Dreaming About Ripe But Weirdly Shaped Tomatoes

Dream analysisWhat happens when you dream about something out of the ordinary? How do you put the interpretive pieces together?

Let's take for example a recent dream I had about weirdly shaped tomatoes that were lushiously ripe, beautifully red and ready to be picked. But they looked so strange!

When I looked up the dream interpretation of tomatoes in the dream moods dictionary, it told me that dreaming of tomatoes are a sign of a happy relationship. So does that mean that dreaming about wierdly shaped tomatoes are a sign of a happy, ripe but weird or out of the ordinary relationship? I guess I'll take it!

Other dream signs of relationships can include flying. That actually means that you want to fly away from events on the ground.  Dreaming about a past relationships can indicate that there are still some loose ends that you need to attend to.

What have you dreamed recently? Share it and lets see what it really means....

And if you are seeking good books on dream interpretation, try this link.



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