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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Are Two Sagittarians Compatible?

Tarot reader 1Washington, D.C.: My question is re: compatibility of two people with the same sign -- i.e. Sagittarius.

On one of those cheesy Internet sites I looked up our compatibility and it said a lot of things that sound true, like we enjoy intellectual conversation, stimulate each other and keep each other laughing. but my question is how accurate can a generic forecast like that be? It seems to make sense but I know it has to be generic enough to fit a myriad of people.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Sorry to say but those generic sites are rather..... generic. They are really too general to give you a personal view. However, if you send me both your birthdates, times and places, I would check to see what signs your venuses are in (how you express yourself in love), what is going on in your 7th houses (house of marriage and relationships) and what signs your moons are in (how you express your emotions). I can give you something a little more personal.

From what you told me you read on that site, that could fit any number of people in a happy relationship.


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