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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Are We Compatible?

Tarot reader 1Portland, Ore.: Hello, I am wondering what compatibility you see between myself -- female, born May 29, 1970, at 11:08 a.m., and my boyfriend, born Dec. 27, 1972. Thank you very much!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Okay. You have sun in Gemini, moon (emotions) in Pisces and Venus (love) in Cancer. You give the impression of being a rather devil-may-care person, but when you are in love, you are very sensitive, romantic and intuitive.

Your boyfriend has sun in Capricorn, moon in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius. He is a bit cautious and serious in general but when he is in love, he is expansive, gregarious and very friendly.

His sun is well aspected to your moon and Venus and your sun is well aspected to his moon and Venus. It shows a warm and easy going relationship. You may need to encourage him to be more romantic, but he will respond!


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