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ReflexologyI was getting shooting pains from my heel up my leg when I walked. In an attempt to avoid going to the doctor, I decided instead to see if I could find a way to just relieve tension in my leg via reflexology and see if that would work.

I have had reflexology before and found it very palative so I booked a session at Angel Feet in NYC, my neighborhood reflexology spa.

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that divides the foot into different areas of the body. It is believed that by applying pressure to the foot in certain areas, you can help allieviate ailments or induce calm. Nothing is proven but I personally like it. And I should note that the session was several days ago and my foot feels good - no pain.

When you enter the spa they guide you to a wicker easy chair and immerse your feet in warm water and aromatic balms. Then for the next hour you just lie back, listen to the soothing new age music and have your feet rubbed, oiled, prodded and massaged. Ahhh. I have once gone home and just fell asleep after a session. It is a real treat for me and if it also helps relieve pain and stress, all the better.

After the session ends, your reflexologist will let you know where she feels tension in the rest of your body based on the knots she felt in your feet. For me the tension was particularly tight in my lower back, shoulders and calves.

If you are interested in studying reflexology there are several different programs nationwide. Here are some selections. There are also some great books on the subject.