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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Why Aren't Libras Attracted to Me?

Tarot reader 1New York, N.Y.: Hi, I'm a Taurus. (May 16, 1951). Why am I attracted to Libras (Oct. 13, 14, 1947, 54) who don't seem to feel the same way?

Charlene Lichtenstein: Taureans and Libras are both ruled by Venus -- the planet of love. Both are romantic although Libras are a little more platonic while Taureans are more sensual.

In your case, you are a sun sign Taurus with moon in Virgo and Venus in Cancer -- very romantic, very physical and very earthy.

Your Oct. 13 Libra has has both moon and Venus in Libra -- very sociable, very attractive, very friendly, less sensual, less deeply involved, likes to mix around.

Your Oct. 14 Libra has moon in Taurus (a good match for you) and Venus in Scorpio (another good match for you). More earthy, passionate and intense.

Oftentimes timing is everything -- it may be your Libra isn't in a commitment frame of mind. You may want to give the Oct. 14 a little more time -- there seems to be greater compatibility there.

What I have found is that we gravitate to certain signs. Sometimes it is to get what we lack in our charts. Sometimes it is to complement a certain energy. If you were to list all your most successful relationships by sun sign, you may just find a very interesting pattern. Send me the list and I'll see if we can find a pattern.


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