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Debunking Mediums Like the Long Island Medium

Is it really possible to talk to the dead? For as popular as Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is (and I do enjoy watching her show) I am not convinced that she can really talk to the dead. I have had many many spiritualist readings and none (with the exception of one at the Spiritualist Society of Great Britain with Ruby - sinced deceased herself) were accurate. But I consider spiritualist readings to be entertaining.

This video takes you through the step by step debunking of mediums using Theresa Caputo as the example of cold reading techniques, scatter shot predictions and a rangeof other tricks to appear as if she is communicating with the dead but is actually creating a myth. Fascinating - actually makes watching her show The Long Island Medium, all the more entertaining. But don't think that she can actually talk to your deceased friends and family.



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