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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Isn't Astrology A Scam?

Tarot reader 1Fairfax, VA: The fact that people rely on the positioning of stars and planets as a means to tell the future is laughable. Please tell me that you are just pulling a huge scam on these people and that you don't really believe this nonsense. I mean, how can the position of a constellation mean that there will be world peace? This is rubbish.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Think about the effect of the magnetic moon force on the tides. Think about why there are more people rushed to hospitals during full moons than at any other time. There's got to be something more than mere happenstance that impacts activities here on earth.

Again, astrology doesn't predict the future; it just gives a range of possibilities from which we can act more responsibly.

PS. It is said that the three Magi were astrologers who saw a magnificent planetary aspect in the sky and followed it to Bethlehem....who knows?


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