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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - What Will the New Year Bring?

Tarot reader 1Snowflake Lover: Charlene, Happy holiday. I love reading your chat. I wanted to know if you saw anything new in new year for me -- Aug. 8, 1969, 3:46 p.m. EST.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Thank you.

Well, you have sun in Leo, moon in Gemini, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Sagittarius. Probably Capricorn rising.

Possible emotional experiences on the job that can lead to either uncovering hidden things, folks who may be undermining you or lead you to a new spiritual path -- maybe working in or taking a yoga class, astrology lessons, etc.

Relationships are very important to you. Use January and February to find your soulmate, if you don't already have one. Mars in Libra indicates that you will meet new romantic partners through professional events or your job.

Maximize your energies as Jupiter/Pluto oppose through out the year. It increases your sexual energy.

Hope that helps!


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