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Horoscope for Month of January 2014 and Week of December 30, 2013

NapoleonA parade of planets traipse through Capricorn this January - Venus, Pluto, the Sun and Mercury - giving the chilly air a definitive purpose and profitable goal. Let’s go for the gusto and see how success can change us ... or give us extra change.

(Napoleon had Pluto in Capricorn)

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Your career takes precedence over everything else for the next few weeks, Aries. These professional decisions and actions impact your progress through the entire year. So resolve not to take crazy risks or make too many petty outrageous demands while you have the ear of the power brokers. Sugarcoat your requests. Have a gripe? Simmer, stew and plot to serve later.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Travel has its surprises this January, Taurus. On the one hand it can be a wild and grand adventure. On the other hand it may be too frenetic and crazy to really relax and enjoy. Plan as much of it as you can but be prepared for an occasional detour. Who knows? Expect the unexpected and drop a few breadcrumbs to find your way home. Uh, is that a flock of birds ahead?.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Love and sex can not only get more complicated, they create ruckus in unexpected situations. Be sure to keep your sex life safely within the parameters of current relationships and don’t order out. Geminis can have a wandering eye. Make a new years resolution to keep your eyes affixed on the ultimate prize. Let me know when you figure out what that is. 

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Partnerships can evolve and change not only in January but also  throughout the new year. This is great if you have been feeling stalled and static but you can become a little uneasy if you want things to remain just as they are. Embrace the adventure and excitement. A new broom sweeps clean, Cancer. Don’t push all that dust under the rug.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Whatever job you have this year, expect it to be filled with surprises. Even small efforts you put into doing a task well could  have a monumental payoff. Little crafted actions can feed the corporate machinery and catapult you into a new situation. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity, Leo. What looks like a dead end actually has a secret tunnel.

Follow your artistic muse and see where all the fun leads you. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities are enormous. Will you party hearty and wind up with a hangover and a list of new years resolutions? Or will you corral your best ideas into a new marketing push and wow the masses and your bottom line? How energetic do you feel, Virgo?

What will feed your inner soul? Some say smores toasting in a fireplace but I think anything that gets you closer to your roots, home and hearth helps. Even if family is far away or estranged, try to reach out to relatives and build bridges. The connection you make today proves to be beneficial later this year. Did I say beneficial? I meant ka-chingie profitable, Libra.

As strategic as you think you are, you are even more so now, Scorpio. Everything you say has impact, foresight and profundity. Memorize your lines, work the room and impress them with your intelligence. Focus your attention on a long term goal and resolve to get at least one step closer to it now. Simon says forget baby steps. Go for at least umbrella steps.

Money is highlighted now and why not? You have been fairly careful this past winter with your dough and have managed to turn a small nest egg into a large rising pile. What will you do with all your largess? Some Sagittarians will spend like crazy. But others will take a long practical look ahead. Find time for both frivolity and frugalness... or is it cheap thrills?

All eyes are upon you and it will soon be time to make your grand entrance. Plan your best moves and prepare your best ideas. Capricorns can set their personal course for the next year as they hob nob with the high and mighty. But remember to spend some time with those at the other end of the spectrum too. See life from all angles and shapes. Don’t be obtuse.

Stray intuitive thoughts may seem like a distraction but they provide the seeds of creativity. So allow yourself a time for contemplative meditation and see if you discover clues that solve some of your long term intractable problems. At very least you can have a relaxing respite that clears your mind and readies it for the next big push. How much can you push, Aquarius?

Pals figure prominently in your life now. Find ways to get folks together and even expand your tight circle with a few new fresh faces. Life has been too sedate and boring. The new year guarantees more excitement, Pisces. Stir things up with a potent cocktail of the four “F”s = friends, food, festivities and frolic. Or is it foolishness? I forget.


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