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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Can Astrology Predict the Future?

Tarot reader 1College Park, MD: You've said that astrology can't predict the future, as you would have won the lottery by now, but the paths of the planets and stars are precisely predictable, and that is what is used to produce a reading. How do you reconcile that?

Charlene Lichtenstein: There are several possibilities in every reading. For example - Saturn represents difficulties, fears of inadequacy but it's also learning from experience and overcoming obstacles. It's how we personally use the energy that determines what will happen not that that energy exists in our chart.Our fate is in our own hands, but knowing where the pitfalls and opportunites are help us along the way. That is the value of astrology - to give us the roadmap. We still have to decide what direction to take.

Someone with many hard angles in their charts can be "destined" for failure but many hugely successful people have the most difficult charts. It's how we work with the energy that gives us our fate.


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