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Louis B Nunn and the Bird Hitting His Window

Bird in windowI was watching True Crime with Aphordite Jones on Investigation Discovery last night. The episode was of the murder rampage of Steve Nunn, son of Governor Louis B Nunn. Steve shot and killed his ex-fiancee. But what really got my goosebumps going was the side story of the death of Steve's father Louis. Louis' death occured after a bird kept flying smack into his home's window.

I have written about superstitions regarding birds flying into windows and into homes and what this might portend. I believe that the bird is a messenger, often delivering important and possibly dire life changing news. But they can also be guardian angels warning us to protect ourselves.

Steve's ex-wife Tracey L Damron talks about the impact of the bird in her book A Trail of Feathers. The book provides insight into the life that she and Nunn shared prior to their divorce. It also pays homage to her Native American heritage. Each chapter begins with a Cherokee proverb that pertains to a life lesson Damron learned over the period of time described in the chapter.

She was married to Nunn for 10 years and helped him rekindle a relationship with his father, former Governor Louie B. Nunn, shortly before he died. It was around that time that things drastically changed in the home. She said Nunn’s problems started at Christmas time, when she and Nunn went to have dinner with his father and a bird flew into the window. “It all began with a bird hitting the window,” she said. “This is when my life changed.” She wrote about the incident in the chapter, ‘Blood in the Windows,” and describes how she believes Nunn became obsessed over the bird after his father died.

After studying with a shaman, Damron came to see the bird as a messenger who was warning the family of Gov. Nunn’s death. “In the book, I share about the shaman, and what all he told me, and I share what the doctors told me about Steve,” she said. “People can come to their own conclusions of what happened to Steve Nunn because something happened to him, and I was there to witness it, and it was the most painful time of my life,” Damron said.  The shaman eventually told her to leave Nunn. She walked away, leaving everything behind.


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