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The History of the Ouija Board

OuijaI am fascinated (but a little scared of) Ouija Boards which have an interesting history. In fact I collect the boards and have some beautiful ones from the 1930s which are fairly ornate. But I do not use any of them. Why? Because I have been told that they can release negative spirits. I do not know where this theory came from but I am eager to learn more.

If you are also interested in Ouija and paln on being in or around Brooklyn, NY on Sunday February 2 from 5 to 7p, you might want to consider attending the Brooklyn Brainery's class on the History of the Ouija Board.

According to the description - The Ouija board itself hails from 19th century interest in spiritualism (going way back to Chinese Fuji writing), and speaks volumes about society and its desires and fears. Your parents may have told you to get rid of yours (we'll talk about that) or that it summoned negative spirits (maybe we'll summon one ourselves!)! Or you may even be an atheist who is a little spooked or intrigued by its history. Let's discover why this weird little playing board has captivated people for years and years.

Hey its only $13 to sign up!

And if you want to find out even more information on Ouija, check out these links: Books on Ouija and  Ouija Boards



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