Horoscope for the Week of February 17, 2014
The Ascendant

Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Any Advice for Pisces?

Tarot reader 1Washington, DC: I'm a Pisces -born Feb 23-, and everything I read says that I'm creative, sensitive, spiritual, moody, intense, etc. -- pretty right on the money. I'm pretty comfortable with a lot of those characteristics, but I find that my criteria for friends and significant others are pretty demanding: I seem not to want to pursue a relationship unless there's some sort of deep connection, but at the same time I almost seem not to have the patience to get to know people long enough to find out -are Pisceans also shy and sheltered?-.

Any advice for us mystical Pisces on how to keep from getting too mystical and isolated?

Charlene Lichtenstein: Find out where you are practical (by checking your birth chart). We all have some earth signs somewhere in our charts! See what is going on in your 11th house of friends and 7th house of partnerships so see what you are afraid of.


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