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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Any Advice for Pisces?

Horoscope for the Week of February 17, 2014

Albert einsteinLet the love waft into the atmosphere. The Sun makes its move into Pisces and sends out a romantic zetz. Is it hot in here or is it your peekaboo mini shorts? Whew!

(Albert Einstein had Sun in Pisces)

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If you suddenly become haunted by crazy dreams and feel that you can predict the future, give it a divine try this week. Aries can not only see what others are up to behind the scenes, they can also craftily plan ahead to ward off any ghosts. Good thing too. You may find yourself tasting too many evil spirits to be able to make a good assessment after a while.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Friends armed with wine, food and song arrive at your door in droves. There will be little solitude for you this week so don’t even try to escape. Be sure to plan a few jolly get togethers with  pals and also spend some time checking out a few new social groups. Taureans have personality plus now. There are no minuses so multiply every happy minute.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Geminis plop right in the corporate catbird seat. You are where you want to be - recognized and rewarded for your talents. Plan your professional ascent and solidify your position by maximizing your assets with the powers-that-be. While you will work hard to make your own success, you also have a leg up over the competition. Don’t trip on the corporate ladder.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
You have spent too much time talking to yourself and your narrow sphere of cronies. Fate sez that it is time to increase your global influence, Cancer. While you may be content to shyly park inside your shell, don’t fall to that temptation. Get off your couch and travel to some far reaching destination. Grab on to adventure. No names please!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
What is it that you really need in life Leo? This week gives you a clue. Pour yourself into any social pool, fill your cup to brim and enjoy every drop. If this is all a harbinger of things to come, you will find yourself on everyone’s A-list lasting from spring through the summer. You are hot, sexy and ready to take action. But will you exercise restraint? Hey, whatever turns you on!

Relationships seem to achieve a greater connection, harmony and balance now. Maybe its because you prefer to avoid arguments and tend to compromise. Or maybe its because partners feel the same way. Whatever brings you to this higher plane of existence, lie back and enjoy it while it lasts. Make love, not picky complaints, Virgo.

You can gain the upper hand at work, Libra. You not only have a more helpful attitude on the job, you are also able to balance many mundane tasks all at once. In fact, you become a regular office stiff - always available, reliable, compliant and courteous. But you deserve more. Try to use your hard earned brownie points for a raise, days off or even a long lunch.

Scorpios just wanna have fun. And why not? Opportunities arise for you to explore your more creative side. Consider taking an art class, participating in a theater troupe or even trying to write your saucy memoirs. Take a few creative risks. Err does that include an all nude pool party with an underwater ballet show? Only if you include the underwater opera too.

Don’t wander too far afield this week Sagittarius. There is much to recommend staying close to home and enjoying your familiar surroundings. Not only will you find plenty of activities to keep you busy, you can also repair family ties that bind. Small gatherings of friends will go especially well. Practice being a couch potato and see what bakes.

Despite what others may think, you actually have plenty to brag about, Capricorn. Don’t sit back and wait for an opening. Try to get your opinions across now. It is amazing how brilliant you will seem for a change. You will be given opportunities to present the best of your best to the multitudes. Will you get a thumbs up or down? As long as it is not the middle finger....

If you have been carefully counting your pennies, you will have  an opportunity to cash in this week. If you have been doing your fiscal homework and have carefully nurtured your green pile, you can now make a mint whether you are a bull or a bear. The real question is - How much dough do you really need to get a good market rise in your personal stock, Aquarius?

Show the world what you are capable of accomplishing while the beneficial energy percolates this week. Not only are you especially charming and charismatic, you can also strategize and make ample gains with the glitterati. Pisces can not only launch new ideas and projects, they can also find solid backers to help guide them along. Or will you guide them....?


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