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Horoscope for the Week of February 24, 2014

Vincent van GoghOur dreams, goals and plucky luck all merge to launch a powerful burst of personal fireworks as the Sun conjuncts Neptune and trines retro Jupiter this week. Rather than rest on your laurels, prepare to ride your rocket to success. That is, if you decide to rise to the occasion.

(Vincent van Gogh had Neptune in Pisces)

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Aries get a helping hand from a guardian angel this week. This leg up will be unexpected and the advantage will be felt in any domestic issue. Build your personal castle on solid rock and not on shifting sand. Bolster your dreams with careful planning, budgeting and good advice and cement it with design savvy. Or just hire a team of experts, write a check and relax!

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Your inspiration does not come to you in the silence of the night or by taking yourself out of the social beehive. In fact you do yourself a disservice by shutting out the world. Taureans need to fly into the action and hum with the general buzz. By doing so, you tap into your genius and make a bold social mark. Or is it a sting? Just watch where you aim your point!

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Power is overly intoxicating. At least it will seem so this week. Geminis pull a few tricks out of their corporate hats and use them to their advantage - whether for love or monetary gain. You exude confidence and oomph and can attract anyone you want. What is most important on your needs hierarchy - a well endowed benefactor or your own country to rule?

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
There is something going on “out there” that will grab your attention, suck you into the action and get you into all sorts of lucky trouble. Doors open and opportunities suddenly abound. You may benefit from moving away from your comfort zone if you take calculated risks and forge beneficial alliances. You have nothing to lose but your mental chains, Cancer. 

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
How can you spice up a stale love affair? How can you fill your love cup so that it overflows? The cosmos encourages you to toss off your inhibitions, let it all hang out and allow the world to have a good long look and wait for the applause. Experiment and try out some new sexy moves, Leo. Stop at the power drill, pantaloons and tarot deck, though.

Who knew that certain friends were so entertaining and so much fun! They certainly didn’t bark like party hounds last week. But now merriment and harmony can be found in almost any venue and with almost anyone. Virgos suddenly discover that even the very bottom of their social barrel is top rated. Well at least it will seem that way. Ahem.

Libras may learn a thing or two about how to improve and transform their job and career track this week. Will you decide to turn over a new healthy leaf and rid your environment from toxins  and dirt? Maybe not entirely but at least you find ways of reducing stress and creating something fresh out of something stale. Exercise by pushing paper around.

Pastimes become much more serious. You are generally very light hearted but even casual, flirty conversations have monumental impact on your life this week. Don’t shy away from either the heaviness or the lightness of being - The critical thing is to just “be” in the moment. Take a bite out of life Scorpio, before it eats your lunch.

The grass is always greener in the next yard ... or so you think. And you scan the terrain with an acquisitive and needy greedy eye. Sagittarians have an itch to keep up with the Joneses this week. Why is that? It is all fantasy. Instead of running with the herd, spruce up your nest with sexy experiences and  items that make a strong personal statement. Add an exclamation point!

Sometimes you talk to hear yourself. Sometimes you feel like a voice in the forest who no one hears. This is usually not true in reality. And it is especially untrue this week when even your faint whispers reverberate across town and shiver the timbers. Speak up with authority Capricorn. Let’s make a few of those timbers crash and burn. Just watch your toes....

There is more to life than surrounding yourself with gaudy trinkets and cheap tricks. At least that is what the cosmos is trying to tell you, Aquarius. The world now reveals its beauty to you in mysterious, harmonic and karmic ways and not with quick riches and superfluous luxuries. Oh goodie. Well they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yeah right.

Ramp up your personality and make a move. This is not the week to sit at home and wait for someone to knock. It is the time to venture out and blend in with the crowd, Pisces. Wander into exciting new social circles that can change your life ... or at least your appearance. So choose wisely and go with the outrageous. Whoo hoo! Cellophane pants are in!


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