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Mars 2014 Retrograde Analysis by Felissa Rose

Mars in libraEminent astrologer Felissa Rose offers her perspective on the current Mars in Libra retrograde through the spring of 2014.


After experiencing the retrogrades of Venus and Mercury this winter along comes Mars retrograde beginning in winter and overlapping into much of spring. On March 1, 2014 at 11:25 am EST Mars will be going retrograde at 27 degrees 31 minutes of Libra. Mars will turn direct in motion on May 19, 2014 at 9:32 pm EDT at 9 degrees 1 minute also in the sign of Libra.

Mars rules energy, movement, the way we move and carry out our actions. While this planet is retrograde, human activity slows down. When Mercury is retrograde thought precedes speech, with Mars retrograde we think before taking action. On a positive note this period lessens the tendency to impatience, and rash behavior.

This entire Mars retrograde occurs in Libra, ruled by Venus and opposite Mars ruled Aries. Venus is involved with conciliation, agreements and harmony, a sign action that oriented Mars is not happy in. Libra likes to share and get feedback from others. Diplomacy, negotiations, and agreements would be the way to go during this period. Balancing action and communication works best while Mars is retrograde. Just try to enact the agreement after Mars has gone direct.

In the body Libra rules the kidneys along with equilibrium. Life can seem out of balance during this retrograde and although it might not seem relevant to the last statement keep hydrated and drink lots of water. It's a good time to focus on the imbalances in our bodies and our lives. Since Mars also rules surgery, if possible, put off elective surgery until the retrograde passes, and yes that includes dental.

In terms of exercise and movement go with the tried and true and innovate when Mars is no longer retrograde. Tools and construction are governed by Mars. If possible begin new building and renovation projects when the Mars retrograde is over. Most likely they will take longer than expected and they're apt not to turn out the way you hoped for.

I might have related the following in a previous Mars retrograde article. When I lived in a loft in NYC, our upstairs neighbor spent the entire Mars retrograde hammering away, building and installing a kitchen for his soon to move in girlfriend. Not only did she change her mind and decide not to live with him, he had spent so much money on the project that he could no longer afford to live there and had to move out.

Retrograde energy is internalized. So connect to purposeful action. Watch how you move and try to correct imbalances between your mind and body.

Mars goes retrograde approximately every 2 years. The next one is from April 5, 2016 to June 29, 2016.


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