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The Ascendant

Planets and signsYou are probably most familiar with your Sun sign (your basic personality and mission in life) which is calculated from the day of your birth. We cannot be totally satisfied until we live out our Sun.

The Ascendant (aka the Rising Sign) is the sign that was on the horizon “rising” at the time of birth. To calculate the Ascendant, we need not only your birth day, but also birth time and place. Rising signs advance by the minute so the more accurate the time, the better.

The Ascendant is our personal dresser. It’s the face we use to greet the world. It’s our physical “style” (dressed or undressed...), how we appear to others at first meeting and how we approach new things or new people. For example, you are a chatty, friendly, accommodating and intellectual Gemini sun sign but when people first meet you, they see your fiery, demanding Aries ascendant. Get out of my way!

If you meet someone with the same Sun sign and Ascendant sign, they are inside as they appear to others on the outside. They are more of an open book, so to speak.

The following is a topline of each type of Ascendant:

Aries - You even resemble a Ram with a strong face and pioneering gait. Others better get out of your way! You give the impression of having great reserves of courage (even if you are a nervous nell of a Pisces Sun). Rescuer of the weak, you gravitate to those who give the impression of being in need of protection. Do you wear an inordinate amount of red? You look good in red...

Taurus - You look like the type of person who enjoys the good things of life. Cuddly Bulls emanate comfort ... and stubborness. It looks like no one can push you around (even if you have a pushover of a Libra sun sign). You may even resemble a Bull with a compact body, flattened forehead and nostrils that flare like a bull when angered.  Do you enjoy things having to do with the earth like pottery or  gardening? Get your hands dirty.

Gemini - People think, “Now this is someone who knows a thing or two!”. Oh have you got them fooled! Wiry Twins are quick-witted, chatty and even something of a flirt. Play it for all it’s worth! You emanate energy and can stir up a crowd, but your attention wanders easily. Green is by far your best color so be sure to wear lots of it. Hopefully you’ll have a bit of it in you pocket too.

Cancer - No matter how charged and wired your sun sign is (take note all Gemini and Leo Suns...), you always appear calm, cool and collected. Folks with Cancer rising tend to have a round moon like face with expressive, compassionate eyes. People confide in you because you look so nurturing and understanding. Of course, if you have a manipulative Scorpio sun sign, you will use all this “insider information” to your advantage!

Leo - Here are a few choice words to describe a person with Leo rising; bold, daring, generous, regal, dramatic and confident. You exude flair and generally require a lot of space (for your ego) and attention in social circumstances but give lots in return for any adoration. Do you favor wearing purple? How about showy garments? All the world is a stage and you are the star performer. Take a bow, sweetheart.

Virgo - You give the impression of being very stern and conservative but that’s just an act. In truth, Virgo ascendant people are simply perfectionists who want everything just so. (This goes for even wild and woolly Sagittarian Sun folks who constantly bump into things.) You care or at least give the impression that you do; Virgos are very self-sacrificing. While you are not inclined to wear the latest fashions you have that timeless, classic look. That means hot pants are out.

Libra - A crowd gathers; Who is that vision of loveliness making a grand entrance? It must be someone with Libra rising. Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of beauty and love so folks with this ascendent are blessed with good looks, charm and grace (even for clumsy Sagittarian natives). You are a diplomat and seem to have something nice to say about everyone you know. Maybe that’s why you are always on the “A” party list.

Scorpio - There is a seething passion about you even if you have a carefree Libra or Gemini sun sign. You favor wearing black or rich, sensual colors like purple or forest green. Folks with Scorpio rising are sexually attractive and emit an intense, “come into my lair” vibe. You seem to say, “Don’t try to deceive me - I’ll know it and seek revenge”. Of course, that’s just a facade.... isn’t it?

Sagittarius - Because Sagittarius is the sign of the centaur (half human half horse) those with Sag rising tend to have a horse-like gait and gangly appearance. You love a good joke (and even a not so good joke) and have a jolly, belly rousing laugh. Even with a quiet, shy sun sign like Virgo, those with Sag rising are boisterous and friendly. You have many friends and are considered to be the life of the party. Just be careful before you knock something or someone over! Graceful you’re not.

Capricorn - It looks like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Folks with Capricorn rising appear to lack self confidence but if you’re fortunate enough to have a spirited sun like Aries, you can use this type of ascendant to disarm folks. You get better with age and become more confident because you learn by doing and experiencing. Those with Cap rising tend to get better looking as time goes on, like a fine wine or cheese. (Well maybe not cheese...) Good looking? Successful? So why do you look so glum??

Aquarius - You are elected leader of the pack, whether you want to be or not. Those with Aquarius rising are prone to joining great causes to help humanity. (Well at least that’s the impression you give.) You have a friendly, open appearance never seem to meet anyone you don’t like. But you don’t get too close. Others may say that they know you, but don’t really know you. Ever think of running for politics? I’d vote for you.

Pisces - Those with Pisces rising give off mystical, otherworldly or spiritual vibes. Are you a guru or something? Do you favor flowing garments in soft, creamy colors? Even those with more a more practical and pragmatic sun like Capricorn have a soft, ephemeral quality to their appearance with a Pisces rising sign.  Chances are you are also a bit of a romantic. Pack a few extra tissues when you go to a movie. Yes, you’ll even shed a tear for the Terminator.

Astrological analysis goes beyond Sun sign and Ascendant. We have signs in every planet. Your natal horoscope is like a set of fingerprints revealing the potential (and the challenges) within the "real you".  How do you love? (Check what sign is in Venus) How do you think? (Check what sign is in Mercury) How do you fight? (Check Mars) If you would like to receive information about a full personality profile reading please contact Madam Lichtenstein at the snail or e-mail addresses or phone number below.


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