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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - What Time Zone is Used to Calculate a Birth Horoscope?

Tarot reader 1Greenock, Scotland UK: My birthdate - time is 25 June 1960 at 5:55 PM in New York. My question is I know the time we are born is important in astrology ref the position of the planets but what is the time based on - GMT? EST? Also, I have been in a deadend job for nearly 9 yrs - I have been trying to move on but seem to get nowhere - is there anything in the heavens to indicate a move? And finally-!- I've been seeing my current partner for 8 yrs and would like more commitment from him - do you see this happening? He is Pisces.
-14 March 1940- thanks!!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Natal charts are based on GMT. Any computer program with a good atlas can compute that for you easily.

As far as your job and beau are concerned, you would have to look at yours (and his) birth charts to measure points of compatibility and problems. No problem is insurmountable. If one were to see problems, it would demonstrate areas where you two would have to work together on them. (That is providing that both wanted to work on solving these problems)