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Astrologers Help Indian Businesses

BBC News reports that astrologers in India offer a range of services beyond just picking the best date to get married or find the perfect spouse.

Indian astrologyAstrologer Abhishek Dhawan who is based in Delhi has many business clients who want him to predict the best time to release their products. Abhishek has been studying a number of factors and charts to try to help them using the position of the stars and the planets as a guide to help businesses maximise their profits.

Here is a short excerpt of the article:

Go online and you will find astrologers telling you which shares to buy, while others will help you predict which way the rupee is going to move or the price of gold. Not everyone is a believer though.SEBI, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the organisation that regulates the country's stock market, has warned investors "not to be guided by astrological predictions on share prices and market movements". But many here are ignoring that advice.


And that is good news for the likes of Abhishek Dhawan. His company, ask.ganesha.com, has seen the number of business clients double in the past year.Many other online astrology companies have recorded similar growth. He tells me: "If the forces of nature are with you, you will have a better life - if they are against you then it will be a struggle." When I ask Abhishek what his success rate is, he answers immediately. "Eighty per cent - this is like a science and when we make mistakes it is because people do not provide us with the correct information."


So how widespread is the use of astrology in the financial sector? Ramjit Ray runs a corporate communications company in Calcutta and helps some of India's largest companies market their products. "Many companies will consult an astrologer before they name a brand," he says. "They will want to know how many letters it should have and whether the name is going to bring them luck or not."Even when we are doing a large event, sometimes we will have to consult an astrologer before deciding where we place a stage."


Ramjit, who is in his early 40s, is an example of the new successful young Indian businessman. So what does he make of the use of astrology in the modern world of Indian business? "It is an important part of our lives," he tells me unhesitatingly. "And it is based on a logic which is related to the way that we live our lives through our religion."

If you are interested in learning more about how astrology can be used to make business decisions, please email me.