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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - How Does Saturn in Scorpio Affect Me?

Tarot reader 1Alexandria, Va.: Hello Madam,

What does Saturn in Scorpio mean for me? I know that Saturn returns can be difficult, but it means something different this way, doesn't it?

I am female 7/21/69, 6:14 pm, Altoona, PA.


Charlene Lichtenstein: Saturn returns usually mean a return to the same position that saturn is in your birthchart and that happens every 28-30 years or so. So you are not going through a Saturn return.

Your natal saturn is 8 degrees of Taurus which makes a good aspect to this Saturn in Scorpio. I see this as a time of reaping your rewards. You may possibly have capricorn rising which places your natal saturn in your 5th house. Transiting saturn is in your 11th house. I see this to mean that the next three years or so can be a time of creativity and inspriation that can come to fruition through the help of friends and large social groups. It can catapult you into the next personal level of success. It won't be easy but you will feel very good about your accomplishments. 

Of course, you will have to put in the effort - saturn rewards those who work hard!


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