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Horoscope for the Month of December 2014 and Week of December 1, 2014

Elvis presleyDecember puts a big package under your tree with Sun, Mercury and Venus moving into Capricorn and conjuncting powerful Pluto. Personal issues hit a high note ... or is it a screech or a swoon? Have you been naughty or nice?

(Elvis Presley had Sun in Capricorn)

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The main focus of your holiday cheer will be centered in your career advancement. Aries  - keep your eye on the prize and get going to wherever you are headed professionally. But that doesn’t mean that you ignore friends and family. It means that you can enlist their help either through getting some sage advice or a profitable connection. Milk it and whip it up.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Winter vacations are in the cards for any Taurus in need of a great escape. The vista are encouraging, wide and beckon you. If you can’t get completely away, at least plan some short weekend toots. It will expand your vision, give you some fresh ideas and possibly lead you to some life changing opportunities. Don’t wait for the email. It is face-to-face time.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
There will be some pivotal decisions to be made through the month and many involve deep personal relationships. Will someone new sweep you off your feet or will you amuse your current muse under the mistletoe? Life will bring its surprises and rewards to even the most undeserving of you, Gemini. So hang your stocking with care and see who stuffs it.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Celebrate the holiday season with a certain special someone, Cancer. It is a great time to improve any important personal relationship, whether for business or pleasure. For those seeking new connections, the chances of success surge with power through the month. That is, if you go out and look. You cannot phone it in ... although some of you may try.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Office celebrations and the resulting shenanigans ramp up this festive time of year. Leos are apt to get into the mix and match with co-workers. This can mean that you make new unexpected friends at work but it can also mean that you create your own set of work related complications. Oops. Heck, start to draft your new year resolutions in January.

Not only are you the party hearty hound of the holidays, you are also sought after to breathe new life into old, dreary gatherings. Who are you and what have you done with Virgo? How did you get all of this festive energy? Why ask why - Just go with the happy flow and see where you wash up ashore. It could be Bali! Of course it can also be the toxic Gowanus canal.

Libras should consider inviting far flung family over for the holidays and increasing the good domestic karma. It has been too long. But if this doesn’t fit in with your plans, at least try and spruce up your abode and make it seem more inviting. Hang some tinsel and mistletoe. You never know who will drop in with a gift. Ho ho ho.

This is the time of year to put all of your dreams and desires into a long “to do” list. You communicate extremely well now and have an extra bit of charisma and oomph to convince even the skeptics. Scorpios who think but do not do, will lose out on a great opportunity. Those who just do without thinking may head in the wrong direction. Plan accordingly.

This holiday season may lead to unexpected and over the top splurges. There are sooo many fabulous gifts, extravagant experiences and general spoiling going on now. Will you seek to gratify any crazy urge, Sagittarius? If so then be prepared for the eye popping bill at the end of the month. They say the best things in life are free... or, if I might add, at least on sale.  

This can be a very fertile time for you, Capricorn. Your plans begin to take shape and anything that has been on your plate now comes up to bat. The secret to your success is the connections you make and the helping hand you get from the most surprising people. Take no one for granted and be jolly to all. You never know who your secret Santa will be.

There is something mellow, cosmic and other worldly about this holiday season. Maybe it is all of the happy celebrations that warm your heart. Or maybe it is the serendipitous good luck that brings you exactly what you need when you need it. Spread your good cheer Aquarius. There will be plenty of time to break down the barricades next month.

Your social life is energized now as pals reach out to you and even lost connections reconnect. Friendships may have a tendency to get a bit mushy and sentimental now. But that is what Pisces really like. Embrace those who have been supporting you all through the year. It is a time of gathering and grouping. Or is it groping? I get confused.

Lucky Numbers for the Week of November 28, 2014

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune ... or fortunes. So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos. Then I mixed the tarot cards and allowed the spirits to guide me to the cards that represent the lucky numbers for this week. Nothing is guaranteed but who knows ....?

I choose eight numbers because 8 is the number of wealth.

Here are the lucky numbers for the week of November 28-December 4, 2014:

2, 13, 24, 39, 47, 49, 55, 70

There are many ways to delve into your own consciousness to find luck and intuition. Try reading Dream Power/Improve Your Luck (Super Strength Series) and see if your dreams give you any clues and premonitions. Here's a guide to the best books available this month

LoveScope for the Week of November 26, 2014

LovescopesLove often depends on luck. Are we at the right place at the right time? Or do we stumble around in the dark? Find your way even if you stub your toe this week.

Accept any and every invitation that comes your way, Aries. They will provide opportunities to meet someone special. Keep yourself open. You never know which party hound will heed your command whether is it is fetch, beg or lie down. Woof!

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
There will be something very comforting and cozy about hanging around the house this week. But don’t just lounge in your skivvies and slouch about, Taurus. Make it glamorous, sexy and alluring. You never know who will drop by....

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Something that you say, even offhand, will be exactly what you need to say to get exactly who you want. How great is that Gemini? You are not only eloquent, you are charismatic. Hurry and say it before the planets move on.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
They say that money cannot buy love but this week you may disagree. The fact is that a few lavish touches will warm any cold heart. But be sure that lovers really love you for yourself, Cancer, and not just for your dough. Or is it the kneading...?  

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
You just need to be you this week and people will flock to your magnetic orbit. That means though that you need to place yourself in the middle of all the action and make yourself available to the multitudes. The world loves you, Leo. Love ‘em back.

Love will find you in the most surprising and cosmic ways, Virgo. So keep yourself open to the possibilities no matter how strange or ephemeral. Your intuition will take you to new fertile hunting grounds. But pack a map just in case.

If you are looking for a relationship, ask a friend to provide you with some introductions. They know you best, Libra, and may find the perfect match. If you are looking for a passing fancy, get more involved in group efforts and go with the flow.

Scorpios will find that the more they concentrate on their career, the better their romantic prospects become. Will it be an office fling or will your quest for power and success become intoxicating and alluring? Whatever works!

Expand your horizons any way you can this week, Sagittarius, and fill your life with adventure and travel. There is someone special waiting for you in some far off place in the world. If you can’t get away, try the web. Just don’t get caught in it.

You can attract anyone you set your sights on this week Capricorn so see where your ardor leads you. You may catch the eye of someone very powerful, monied or influential. Make the most out of every connection and don’t fray any wires.

Put more attention into current relationships. They will provide you with more happiness and contentment this week. For those Aquarians who are on the prowl, check out some new hot spots and spot someone who is especially hot.

Love bubbles up near the watercooler at work. Things begin to brew and colleagues may begin to talk. Pisces love a good romance. But is it a good idea to mix business with pleasure? Of course! Just be sure to get some work done at some point.

Never miss your horoscope again -- free sign up here. Here is my favorite book on astrology and a "must" for anyone interested in learning more: Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You and here's a guide to the best books available this month. This column is (c) 2014 THE STARRY EYE, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Madam Lichtenstein is the author of the best selling astrology book “HerScopes ” now in its 8th printing and available as an eBook.

Become a Spiritual Psychic in 28 Days

Syncsense - 4I just received this email and cannot vouch for the services but they seem interesting so I am sharing with all of you.

Other resources include -

Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide (Sanaya Roman)

Channeling A Comprehensive and Instructional Guide

I'm Beside Myself!: A Beginner's Guide to Channeling

Channeling: What It Is and How to Do It


October 25, 2014
Become a Spiritual Psychic in 28 Days
From Become a Spiritual Psychic in 28 Days On-Line Course

by Sara Wiseman

The following is an excerpt from the "Become a Spiritual Psychic in 28 Days" on-line course. If you would like to enroll in the course, click here.

What if there was a secret “on” switch you could flip in your brain — and whenever you turned that switch “on,” you’d access a direct connection to the Universe? That’s right—you’d dial up a back-and-forth, two-way communication between you and the Divine. You’d instantly link to One/All or whatever name you give the ineffable, infinite energies of the Universe. And not just in an amorphous way — but in a specific, practical way that gives you all the information you need to live your best life?

The truth is, you can.

Simply by switching yourself “on” through psychic and spiritual practices, you can access intuitive information that is crystal-clear and easy to understand. That means guidance you can see, hear and interpret as easily as any everyday “earth” communication. No crystal balls, turbans or Ph.D.s in metaphysics required!

As you might imagine, this kind of hotline into Source can come in pretty handy when you’ve got important questions on your mind, such as:

  • Am I doing my life’s work? If not, how can I start?


  • Am I with my soul mate? If not, how can I find this person?


  • Am I moving in flow? If not, how can I get unstuck?


  • Am I on the right path? If not, what’s my next step?


  • How can I heal from past hurts, pain, anger or illness?


  • How can I learn my soul lessons?


  • How can I open my earth heart?


  • Chocolate or vanilla?

And so on.

Direct connection with God/All/One/Source is not difficult, tricky or available only to a certain few. It’s so simple that anyone can do it.

Finally, what’s most important to know as you begin is this: intuitive development and spiritual awakening are so intertwined, they may as well be one and the same.

In other words, if you travel down the path of intuitive development long enough, you’ll become a conscious spiritual being.

Conversely, if you travel down the path of spiritual practice long enough, you’ll become a conscious intuitive being.

They are both the same path, under different guises. The path always leads to conscious awakening, and the Divine.

Opening Your "Windows"
Using clairaudience, or the art of psychic hearing, to receive messaging from the Universe is as simple as opening your “windows.” Here’s a partial explanation from The 33 Lessons, the spiritual teachings I received in my book Writing the Divine:

“...This is one way we reach you. We find a place where there is a window or an opening through some person or community, and we open our window so there is connection between both. We are not able to connect with you when your window is not open. We ask that you please open all your windows! We have much to tell you!...”

You can open “windows” in your mind’s eye (clairvoyance), in your body (clairsentience), and in your mind’s ear (clairaudience), or using other techniques of intuitive development.

None of the intuitive abilities are “better” than another. You may naturally have stronger abilities in one area, just as simply as you may be better at languages and writing, than say, at math and science.

From what I’ve found in my intuitive training practice, most people are naturally clairsentient; in other words, they have deep knowing or deep sensing of intuitive information in their bodies. For most people, this is the first intuitive ability to emerge; they “just know”.

Because this particular aspect is so common, must of you are using this easily and clearly in your daily life: you’re trusting your “gut” or following your “vibe” There isn’t’ much more to explain here, until you get into areas such as Divine healing or energy work, which we’ll cover in future courses. So for now—keep doing what you’re doing!

The next skill that shows up most commonly is clairaudience—the art of psychic hearing. This is what we’ll learn today. This ability shows up especially frequently in people who are good with languages, writers, readers, communicators and so forth. People who think in words and use words easily are most often clairaudient.

But that still, small voice?
That voice in your head that you hear as if it were your own thoughts — but it’s most definitely not coming from you? That’s clairaudience.

As a rule of thumb, clairaudience is:

  • A still, small voice.


  • A voice that you might think of as your higher self.


  • A voice you might think of as your deeper self, or subconscious.


  • The voice of God/Universe/All/One.


  • The voice of guides, angels, entities.


  • A voice you might call collective soul.


  • A Sacred Source of Guidance

I most frequently receive clairaudiently from specific spirit guides and other entities; however, I sometimes just hear the still small voice — I don’t know where it comes from. To me, it’s not important how we understand clairaudience arrives. What’s important is that this information, created from some aspect of the Divine cosmos, whether higher self, guide, God him or herself ... whatever your belief system is most comfortable with… is information that arrives to us.

It is simple to receive.

It is entirely, completely accurate.

You can use it, you can trust it and you can count on it.

The Divine has made it so easy for us to receive guidance, information, comfort and help in every moment of our day! All that’s required is that we choose to connect—that we pick up our personal intuitive/spiritual smart phone, dial in the Universe, and ask to receive.

Once you know what receiving looks, sounds and feels like, your life will become illuminated. And from the first moment you experience this luminous, sacred, amazing connection, you will become transformed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clairaudience
Making a direct connection with the Divine and receiving clear, specific information clairaudiently is easy. Here, a simple nine-step process that will take you through it. If you are working in a group, take turns having one person act as leader to guide you in. If you are working by yourself, simply read the instructions a few times, before you begin. When in doubt, or if you can’t remember the instructions, simply do what feels right. There is no wrong way.

1. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, and enter a state of light trance—similar to what you'd experience in prayer or meditation. The easiest way to do this is simply to breathe: in through the nose, out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Breathe like this a few times ... you’ll be in trance before you know it.

2. Once in trance, open your “window.” to the Divine. To do this, simply ask to receive. For example, you might tell yourself in your mind “ I’m in trance, and I’m here to receive from the Divine.”

3. In your mind, ask a question that you would like the Divine to answer.

4. Wait for the answer to arrive. Remember, you’re most likely to receive information via intuition—i.e. images in your mind's eye (clairvoyance), spirit guides or angels (clairvoyance and/or clairaudience), words in your mind's ear (clairaudience) or feeling and emotion (clairsentience). Usually, you’ll receive an answer while you’re still in trance; sometimes, it will come later.

5. When you are receiving clairaudiently, look for information such as:

- A still, small voice

- A message that seems to come into your ear

- A word flashing through your mind

- A sense of being given information in language, even if you can’t understand the language

- The voice of a guide or angel, telling you something.

- A song or music in your head.

You may also receive clairaudiently in actual words and sounds that you hear after this Exercise, such as:

- Music, such as hearing a meaningful song

- A message on TV or radio that had specific meaning for you

- An email or other message

- A sign, such as a billboard, street sign or other written aspect

6. Remember that psychic information is subtle, and often symbolic. For example, if you ask about whether a relationship is healthy, and you view the word lemon, or hear it spoken in your mind's ear — you'll understand this relationship “is a lemon" — in other words, it’s sour, not good for you.

Once you’re done receiving information (take as little or as much time as you need) simply say “thank you’ and come out of trance. You may feel blissed out, floaty, emotional — having a direct connection with the Divine is big stuff!

7. You'll receive Divine information as clues or "strands" — in other words you won’t get all the pieces of the puzzle all at once. Come back later, and ask for more!

8. Follow the guidance you receive! The more you can trust and act on Divine guidance, the more you will live in a state of flow with the energies of the Universe.

9. Each time you experience direct connection with the Divine, you are transformed — your heart opens, your body is healed, and you are filled with the bliss, love and comfort that comes only from Source.

Each time you finish a session, remember to call your energy or your aura back into your body. Your spirit or consciousness has quite literally been roaming around in the ethers of time and space, and now it’s time to head back into earth life. To do this, get grounded: simply ask your aura to come back in, and sense as energy starts to rush back to your body.

To complete your grounding, go something earthy: eat lunch, get a coffee, garden, take a bath, go for a run, play with your dog, whatever works for you and reminds you to be fully present in this body, on this earth, in this lifetime.

For more information visit:
> Become a Spiritual Psychic in 28 Days On-Line Course


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Horoscope for the Week of November 24, 2014

Brad pitt 2The Sun moves into optimistic Sagittarius and squares foggy Neptune. It is a time of fun, adventure, exploration and friendship. But look both ways before crossing the street lest your pursuit of happiness is squooshed by an errant steamroller.

(Brad Pitt has Sun in Sagittarius)

 Never miss your horoscope again -- free sign up here. Here is my favorite book on astrology and a "must" for anyone interested in learning more: Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You and here's a guide to the best books available this month. This column is (c) 2014 THE STARRY EYE, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Madam Lichtenstein is the author of the best selling astrology book “HerScopes ” now in its 8th printing and available as an eBook.

Aries need to connect to others on a large or even global scale now. Maybe that’s because you have been sitting on too many good ideas. Or maybe you are just bored. Whatever is spurring you forward, it is time to make your big move. But also keep an eye on the details. Small pebbles can get caught in the machinery and surprisingly grind all efforts to a halt. Ouch.  

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Turn up the sexual heat to a boil this week, Taurus. Then take a dip or two in the hot tub and see who pops up or dives in. You enter  into assorted sensual skidoos with an eye to the long term. It might work. But there is a platonic pal who wants to move into a new deeper direction. This may not be the best move in the long term but a giddy turn of events now.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Geminis long for a warm shoulder or more, to cuddle. Will it divert attention from your other responsibilities this week? Savor the joys of a relationship if you have one or seek one if you don’t. But don’t put off important professional responsibilities just yet. Achieve a balance. By next week you can have your cake and eat it too. Make sure that it has a cherry on top.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
You feel that you can tackle whatever the world plops in your path and why not? You are now organized and charming enough to enlist help. Also consider revamping your exercise regime to increase your already formidable buff factor. Preening is not in the cards. The less said about your efforts the better; the cosmos  won’t tolerate bragging right now. Tough luck, Cancer!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Don your party hat, gather your posse and enjoy yourself. Leos not only know how to have a good time, they can also tap into their artistic muse and ooze creativity. Try something (or someone) new. It could lead you to new heights of passion .. or at least it will feel that way. Too soon you come back down to earth. But did the earth move for you?

This week not only centers all activities on your home, it also highlights family issues that need to be dealt with. Let’s call it a time of “relative enlightenment” where you call the shots and make others sit up and listen. Interestingly, you may prefer to hide in the background and let others feel the heat but this would be a mistake. Turn up the fire and cook, Virgo.

Should you choose to use this week to grease a few rusty cogs, do so immediately. Your words will move mountains, Libra, so bring people together and create a community while you hold sway. But also remember to listen to the pulse of the group. Droning on and on will not bring the masses to their feet ... unless its to leave the room.

Recognize the importance of financial planning this week. If you’ve planted money seeds, you may see something sprout. If you’ve been less than diligent, it’s a great time to begin the strategic process. You ache to do something creative with your dough. But it is the smart Scorpio who doles out their dollars judiciously. How about some creative accounting?

This week leads you to magnificent opportunities and new beginnings.  Flex your mental muscles Sagittarius. It’s an excellent time to meet and greet. First impressions go extremely well and will help forge new, wonderful friendships. Do you have the oomph to push forward? The temptation will be to stay home and phone it in. But don’t.

Capricorns are unable to keep any secrets this week. No matter how hard you try to be discrete, things have a way of slipping out in a big way. Good thing too. Let it all hang out. You would like to be a shining beacon that lights the world but be sure you polish your exhortations to your audience. The world may not be ready for you but the corner bar is.

Get into the epicenter of activity. Random acts of kindness increase your ability to rise above the common rabble and enable you to command the troops. Life has never been so exciting! Your social circle expands and you get into all sorts of extra curricular activities. Others want to be next to you to see if your magic rubs off on them. So rubadub, Aquarius!  

Pisces rise in their professional food chain. The corporate kahunas like who they see, sit up and take notice and may be inclined to act on your behalf if you spark their imaginations. Do you have that confidence and personal oomph you need to look in control while internally you feel like a jelly fish? Remember, even jelly fish can pack a sting.  

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