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Astrology Update from Jenni Stone - the New Moon

Astrology Update
Saturday December 20 - Moon in Sagittarius
TOMORROW - New Moon, Winter Solstice and Uranus turns direct
New Moon - Sunday: 8.36p E. 5.36p P. London 1.36a (Mon)
TODAY - Moon in Sagittarius - focus is on what lies ahead - and be optimistic about the bigger picture.  
Now is the time to explore what lies ahead - as well as travel to far off places.
That could mean a journey to distant lands, adventure to somewhere new in your neighborhood. Escape the ordinary at a museum, art gallery or an exciting activity like sky-diving, skiing or hiking.
Closer to home, you might find an adventure or action hero movie, exploring a new culture or cuisine.
This year the WINTER SOLSTICE and NEW MOON are on the same day.
Both of these cosmic events are turning points.
To have them occur on the same day is a compelling force for setting intentions.
This is the point where the Earth curves back on our journey around the Sun, and the Northern Hemisphere, is tilted out, away from the Sun, and into space. Earth is soaring out towards the stars - and as far out as it is possible to reach.
In astrology, this is called the Point of Integrity - the moment that asks us to stand still and decide whether to continue on our outbound adventure and fly off into space - or turn towards the light and stay on course.
It is the moment when principles are respected, dependability secured, and time honored values are tested.
In past times, astrologers drew a chart for this moment to predict events for the next six months (until the Summer Solstice).
The chart for 2015 shows American people are willing to work hard (loaded 6th house), but continue to run up debt, are always feeling poor, and have challenges in how others view us.
THE NEW MOON at zero degrees Capricorn is tomorrow.