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Lucky Numbers for the Week fo January 2, 2015

LoveScope for the Week of December 31, 2014

LovescopesRelationships glitter and those on the prowl will bag a winner. Don’t sit a t home. Get out and ring in the new with a festive flourish.

There might be a new face of authority at work who takes a shine to you. Will you be tempted to complicate your life with a professional new years fling? Wait and countdown to zero, Aries. 2015 will bring you more than you bargain for in love.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Find something (or someone) new and exciting for this new years week, Taurus, that will spice up your life and give you a festive zetz. But don’t pop your cork for any old dusty bottle. Let it be refreshing, sweet and intoxicating!

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Romance will be in the stars for you this week. Geminis can be very flirtatious and now your casual charm will attract a multitude of admirers. You may be overbooked for New Years Eve. How to choose? How to choose? But choose you must.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Grab your favorite ceratin someone and plan a new years celebration for two. Maybe you prefer to kanoodle at home. Or maybe plan a romantic evening out. Whatever you decide, it will be a night to remember, Cancer. Unless you overindulge!

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Nothing says Happy New Year like an office party, Leo. Even if one is not planned, try to get a few colleagues together and celebrate. You never know who might be interested in further partying.  A certain noisemaker may toot your horn.

Even quiet Virgos need some intense fun this week. Why not? You have been very diligent and careful with your love life recently. It is time to unleash your heart and let it soar. Make a resolution to take some calculated risks. No risk no reward.

Plan a New Years Eve bash at home this year. Not only will you have an amazing set of guests, you will also know just how to cater it to get everyone happy and festive. Or maybe you just want a select party of two? That could work, Libra!

Scorpios know just what to say to get the relationship of their dreams. And not a moment too soon. Plan a new years evening with your special someone and see how nicely the conversation flows. Or maybe you don’t have to say anything....

Find ways of spoiling your love with some trinkets and treasures this week, Sagittarius. Splurge a little and see how happy you can make a relationship. They say that money can’t buy love but it can sure buy a bathtub full of champagne!

You are the center of attention and may have more than a few admirers. What will you do with all of this high energy, Capricorn? Use it to your advantage! It is never too late to plan for a romantic new years rendevous with one particular admirer.

Delve into your intuition and see who you can conjure up for romance, fun and frolic. Aquarians can be very logical; now maybe a bit too logical. Go with your gut, take a reckless leap of faith and see where and how you land. Envision a soft caress.

Friends are up for anything this holiday week so jump on their party express and see who else gets on and where you go. Pisces love the thought of love. Is there a platonic relationship that can heat up? I am thinking fish fry for New Years Eve.

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