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Horoscope for the Week of February 23, 2015

Bruce willisWe feel a  bit more romantic and intuitive this week as the Sun enters Pisces. Will we send out our good vibes into the general cosmos or bottle it up to use later? Oh, let’s spread our cheer while it runs freely! Whoo hoo!

(Bruce Willis has Sun in Pisces)

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Be ready to give a hand to those in need, Aries. The more you give, the more you will eventually get. This energy goes beyond merely writing a check to a worthy charity or cause. It requires physical action and hands on intervention. Make a discernable difference in any community effort with real sweat equity. You may even find someone with equity to sweat with.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Taureans benefit from extending their outreach this week. You find that you can connect and understand the views of many different members and stratas of society. Create a sense of community and see how much power you can generate. Who knows where this can all lead? Have you ever thought of running for political office? You might be too honest....

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
The week highlights interactions with those of a higher authority and greater power. Sway the power elite, Gemini, and mold the corporate structure to make it more relevant and less threatening. A new lucrative path opens up and proves successful. Who knows? After the storm, you may find yourself on top of the heap and calling the shots. Assume the position!

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Cancers can tackle a global issue or travel to a new, exotic destination now. Your voice is carried to the far reaches of the earth so make yourself heard loud and clear. Who knows what peaceful solutions you can discover? You are the now the humanitarian of the zodiac. Hurry before you are tempted to revert back to old self-interested projects.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Use this week to illuminate the dark corners of your soul and clean out any psychological debris that holds you back from success. Once you release your burdens, you are suddenly freed up for some fun. It all rolls out over the next few weeks so make some progress and savor the full intensity. Show ‘em what you’re made of, Leo ... and I don’t mean 98% water.

Virgos are advised to review and revise their one-on-one relationships this week. Are you getting what you need from others? Do you feel cherished? Connection, compromise and understanding are the keystones of successful partnership. Be mellow and don’t boss the course. Preemptive royalty is no longer in fashion. Strive to create a true democracy.

You can run but you can’t hide, Libra. Life is abuzz with labor intensive activities. It’s a great time to finish off a languishing nasty task. Not only are you especially energetic, you are also interested in creating something useful. Put your efforts to work either on the job or in a personal pet project. There is work to be done and you are the one to do it. Oh goodie.

Creativity and abundance are yours for the taking. Scorpios can use this time to put a new twist on the old theme of personal vs public enrichment. Auctioning off vast art collections for charity is a good example of the possibilities, but even us common-folk in our thrift store jeans can do our bit. Simply use your imagination and put out the mellow vibes.

You are now more appreciative of the delights of home. There is no need to take on the world in the global arena this week. Put aside all external static and enjoy the quiet surroundings of your  palace. There are those Sagittarians who ache for the media glare, but if you take the time to recharge your batteries now, you can brightly light the world later.

You speak from the heart and can emotionally attach any message to a series of actions. All Capricorns are fairly compelling speakers now. It is said that actions speak louder than words but you now have talents in all ways and by all means. Melt all hard hearts and expand your outreach. Do you go with the carrot or the big stick? Oh surprise us!

Having all the money in the world does not guarantee happiness  or fulfillment. It doesn’t even guarantee personal freedom. This week requires accountability and balance in the lives of Aquarians. Put your money and possessions to better use than merely defining your place in high society. The bottom line is  that enrichment begins deep in the soul, not in the wallet. Darn.

Pisces are placed in the epicenter of the social storm. All eyes are on you. Take a peek in the mirror and review your “look” to note how the world sees you. Everything you do and say has greater impact. If you feel that you don’t measure up, don’t panic. Displaying a few vulnerabilities can be ennobling ... and maybe a bit manipulative. But then you know that.


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