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Lucky Numbers for the Week of August 28, 2015

LoveScope for the Week of August 26, 2015

LovescopesGet serious this week and get some long simmering projects off the back of your stove and onto the front burners. I smell something great cooking!

The harder you work, the more you can make certain things happen. This burst of self confidence and grit will serve you well over the next few months Aries. Your productivity soars and you become top of the heap. Which heap is up to you.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Fun may have its serious moment this week as you find that you can learn alot through your creativity. So go for the gusto Taurus and see where things take you spitiually, romantically and personally. Greatness requires risks. Take a risk.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Concentrate on home based projects and see how much you can accomplish with a little extra hard work and careful planning. Geminis love to entertain so be sure to also plan some fun get togethers. Show off your cooking abilities ... or maybe order in?

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Measure your words carefully. What you say now can have great impact and implications for your future success. Cancers can be emotional. Now temper your emotion with cold hard facts. You will be unbeatable and eloquent.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
This is a great time to examine your leaky finances and plug them up. There is money to be made, Leo, and youo are the one to make it. So do your homework, ask the right advice and start investing. Today the bank account. Tomorrow the world..

You make a very favorable and even impressive first impression now, Virgo. So don’t sit at home and wait for a knock on the door. Get out and about and meet and greet. The folks you meet now will help you move forward and up, up, up.

Go tell a secret this week. Heck, tell a few. You need to rid yourself from anything that is holding y ou back from success, Libra, and that includes internal roadblock and secret fears. Once you are totally liberated you will rule.

Friends come to your rescue, Scorpio. So that means that you should be planning a few friendly get togethers with friends and friends of friends. Let’s see how many connections you can make before you get all tangled up. Will you be left hanging?

Sagittarians begin to realize that, with a little plotting and planning they can make it to the top of the corporate ladder sooner than later. So keep your eyes on the prize and build your professional reputation. It is never lonely at the top.

If you have been feeling bored and a bit tired, it is time to get out of your rut and routine. Evergize your life either through travel or doing new things from classes to hobbies. Capricorns can succeed in anything they choose. Choose something fun.

Even hopelessly romantic, possibly disappointed-in-love Aquarians can find someone who can put some zip in their doodah. Will it be a trip to the moon on gossamer wings or just one of those crazy things? Let yourself be dazzled and crazed.

Find out what you need in a relationship and go out and find it this week, Pisces. If you are currently involved, resolve to make it stronger. If you are looking, check out some new places to look. You only need one person to make a team.

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