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Mercury retrograde2Eminent astrologer Felissa Rose offers her vision about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.

A few days after the beginning of the new year, Tuesday, January 5 at 8:06 am EST, Mercury will be going retrograde at 1 degree of Aquarius. It turns direct in motion at 4:51 pm EST on Monday, January 25 at 14 degrees 58 minutes of Capricorn.

As the messenger of the gods, Mercury rules communications, data, the way we pick up, absorb and process information. When planets are retrograde their energy is internalized and while Mercury is retrograde people tend to turn inward and become more introspective. Communications and devices connected to sharing and transmitting information slow down. Equipment, particularly tech ones don't work as well. The internet is slower, more dead zones and call dropping on mobile phones, and satellites tend to get more erratic. From January 5 to the 8th Mercury will be moving through Aquarius the sign governed by the planet Uranus. Mercury rules the logical mind enabling us to acquire the information
necessary for functioning in our daily lives. Uranus governs the intuitive and higher mind. Together they can bring those insights and flashes which enable us to look beyond the mundane to the timeless and universal. Both Uranus and Aquarius rule technology and while Mercury is retrograde there's an added likelihood of defects with tech products and the carriers that transmit the information. Ruling intuition and insight, Mercury in Aquarius can help us to connect to increased awareness and vision.

Beginning on January 8 and lasting through the rest of the retrograde Mercury is moving through Capricorn. This sign is concerned with structure, organization and the practicalities of life. With Mercury retrograde it's harder to get things done and accomplish different tasks as quickly as one might like. The key is to think first and not take impulsive action. Use the practical Capricorn Mercury to not act impetuously, plan ahead and if possible implement important tasks when Mercury is no longer retrograde.

Mercury will be stationary on January 25, when its motion turns direct close to a conjunction with the planet Pluto which is now in Capricorn. This will be felt a few days before and after January 25 and right up to and beyond January 30, the date of it's exactly conjunction. Pluto is the god of the underworld and it brings to light what has been hidden and simmering under the surface. Negatively it rules criminal gangs and terrorists. So more awareness , knowledge and actions of these elements are likely to emerge. On a different level Pluto governs transformation and combined with Mercury increased insight. People born with connections between Mercury and Pluto tend to be quite perceptive and even have “x-ray vision.” Not the ability to look at a person or animal and see inside their body and its organs, but the kind as to whether or not the truth is being told. Sort of (excuse the expression), a built in shit detector. So try and tap into this by listening to your inner voice not necessarily what's being fed to us by the media or those individuals governed by fear.

During the entire time Mercury is retrograde there's s a good chance you might have to repeat or go over what's been done so try and have a backup plan. This relates to data as well. Back-up and save your important files, photos and contacts during all Mercury retrogrades regardless of what zodiacal sign Mercury is moving through.

Use the time while Mercury is retrograde to reflect, reassess and reevaluate. People born with Mercury retrograde tend to be good listeners and often excel at writing. So whether you were born with this position or not, think before you speak and write down your ideas and thoughts. You might be surprised and pleased at your insights, perceptions and understanding.

During 2016 Mercury will be retrograde from April 28 to May, 22, August 30 to September 22 and December 19 to January 8, 2017.


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