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EnchantmentsEnchantments, 424 E. 9th St. [1st/ A] 212.228.4394

Enchantments is a fixture in the East Village neighborhood of New York City. This 'Magickal Apothecary' has oils like Baron Samedi, a "devotional blend for the Voodoo Loa of the cemetery. Used for working with the Guede." They are a variety of products from essential oils to candles to totems, cards and implements of the esoteric arts.

Enchantments creates custom-carved candles which are "a complete spell that you use as a tool to help manifest your intention." One of those is used for healing karmic trauma, another "invokes the energy of the patron saint of lost lovers," which sounds very melancholy, no? There's a wall of herbs and resins sold by the ounce. You'll also find incense and talismans, books and Tarot cards.

It's good to see cauldrons for sale. We always say: you can never have too many cauldrons.


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